EDTA, Magnesium and Arginine

Types of EDTA and Cardio Cocktail follow up….
after extended conversation with someone who is taking 3 ounces a day of the Cardio Cocktail

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EDTA, Magnesium and Arginine

You’d think I was selling this product, I’m writing so much about it. In fact, I’m talking so much about it that I’m giving it a health category of it’s own and I think I’ve added all the links to different parts of my Argenix Review there. Good place to start. Also reviewed Cardio Cocktail by same company, Formor International.

At this point, I do not plan to sell it. I’m doing a very personal evaluation of it, studying all the most active ingredients and assessing the risks as well as the benefits. If it pans out, I may start sharing it with others as part of my business but admit to not being crazy about promoting any mlm product. Right now, I’m seeing what it does for me and reporting on that as accurately as I can.

I share information from companies I respect. That’s just part of having an online business. However, if I personally endorse a product, you better believe it has legs. It can walk the talk.

If you came directly to this page, it will be helpful to start at the beginning of my personal experience and read the previous posts.

However, I have also summarized my experience below for convenience.

Earlier posts, by date:

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Update on CardioCocktail Results

It’s also vital to keep in mind that it is my personal experience ONLY. I’m not a doctor. I don’t diagnose or prescribe and I certainly don’t suggest that anyone else take the actions I’m taking in exploring this health supplement.

Also, I’m told by the person who represents this product that I am the only person in almost 100 people she has on the product who has reported the symptoms I’m reporting. Still, I’m me and it’s happening to me so I wanted to talk to someone about it.

Summary of my experience with ForMor Products:

To catch up, the symptoms I’ve had included a fever blister on the third day (after not having any for years), leg cramps and restless leg syndrome sensations by the fifth or sixth day and heart palpitations, increasing in frequency for two days before I started reducing my dosage.

In the interest of maintaining as much objectivity as possible, I also reported that I have had heart palpitations before, both from the hormonal flux of peri-menopause and also from stress. What was different was the frequency, which reached a level that caused me to reduce my dosage and supplement with magnesium.

I started at one ounce of the CardioCocktail and stayed at that level until the symptoms I’ve mentioned reached a level where I felt I should reduce my dosage. I first reduced to 1/2 ounce and am now only taking 1/4 ounce.

One of my concerns initially was the use of EDTA because I had read that certain types of chelation therapy could leach out minerals such as potassium, magnesium and zinc. When I started having the symptoms I was having, and realized that all of them could indicate magnesium deficiency, I took some Natural Calm Magnesium. It definitely helped.

In bringing my concerns to the representative, I learned that the symptoms themselves might have been an indicator that the formula was indeed working. This is how that was explained to me….if there is an existing, undiagnosed deficiency then sometimes the formula will make that evident. I’m assuming this is because of the increased circulation and better blood flow somehow.

I was assured that the EDTA was not taking out magnesium my body needed but that perhaps my body was deficient in magnesium already and I needed to supplement. Also, I was informed that the far more massive doses of EDTA that are used in intravenous chelation therapy might have been such that supplementation of some minerals might be needed but that oral chelation in the amounts in the formula would not cause mineral depletion.

I’m willing to buy that for now. I’m going to supplement with Natural Calm Magnesium (which by the way I do personally endorse but don’t sell) for a few days, staying at the lower dose of the cocktail.

There are several different types of EDTA, I discovered and have put in a call to the company to see which of the types they use. In several online places where EDTA is discussed, I get the impression that the Calcium EDTA or Ca-EDTA is preferred over the other two types. I’m interested to hear back which type of EDTA is used in the cocktail.

I read about another chelation product that includes the amino acid lysine in the formula…..interesting….begs the question, would that help those with herpes be able to take the larger doses of the cocktail without triggering an outbreak?

Cardio Cocktail
Reviewed by Neva Howell.
Summary update of experiences with Cardiovascular Health Supplement.

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