CardioCocktail Trial Update

My personal experience with a high-arginine formula for cardiovascular health called Cardio Cocktail
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Formor Cardiococktail Results

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It has been almost a month that I’ve been taking this supplement. This may be the last update I do on my experience with this product before my 90-day retesting with the PulseWave machine.

I made the decision to reduce my dosage of the Cardio Cocktail from one ounce to 1/4 ounce and have stayed at that dosage for past week or so. It’s working well. I also purchased the Argenix that I had used before, rather than another bottle of the cocktail, and plan on supplementing about a 1/4 ounce of that in the evenings, instead of taking more of the CardioCocktail. It is what feels right for me based on my experience so far.

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I just got back home after a three-day trip to do some film work. I brought enough CardioCocktail to continue my 1/4 ounce dose in the morning but the mixture got warm after I turned the fridge off at the hotel (making too much noise) and I wasn’t sure if it was still good so I skipped my morning dose on the last day of filming.

I don’t know if this is pure coincidence or not but, on the first day of filming (when I had taken the CardioCocktail) I didn’t even have to look at my script right before filming and hardly reviewed in-between scenes. The lines were just there. Also, my energy was great all through the long day.

However, the next day (when I didn’t take the cardio cocktail), I simply could not get the lines right, even after just looking at them and reviewing them. My brain just was not clear and focused, as it had been the day before. My energy level became so low by the end of the day that I felt as if I could sleep standing up.

Now, I would have been tired regardless because they were long days and I didn’t sleep well at the hotel. However, the difference was drastic enough that I considered the potential that this health formula might be doing more than I realized.

I can say that my energy is back to really good levels now. Interesting.

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Cardio Cocktail from Formor International
Reviewed by Neva Howell.
Review after 1 month
My experience taking Formor International’s Cardio Cocktail for one month.

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