Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

How do you know if you have heavy metal poisoning?

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Common symptoms of toxic heavy metals build up in the body

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You would have to be living under a rock to have missed hearing about mercury in amalgam fillings being a toxic metal problem. In fact, they stopped even using mercury in tooth fillings around 1988, I think, because of the controversy around this practice in dentistry.

However, that still left a lot of people with amalgam fillings containing mercury and no easy way to get those fillings out or to chelate out the mercury that had most certainly leached out over time and was now deposited in tissues throughout the body.

Lead is another heavy metal that we can easily become overloaded with, to a toxic level. Lead from old water pipes, fumes and of course, even children’s toys containing lead-based paints – you will have heard of all the recalls of toys from China because of this problem.

But how do you know if heavy metal poisoning is causing your health challenges? Getting tested is one way but here are some of the more common symptoms. Of course, many of these symptoms could also be symptoms of other conditions but if you have enough of them, or some of the less common ones, it wouldn’t hurt to rule out toxicity from lead, mercury, cadmium or other harmful heavy metals.

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Common Symptoms of Heavy Metals Poisoning:

This is only a partial symptoms list because, truly, the list of complications that have heavy metals toxicity as factors is so long it might take a book to talk about all of them. I decided to err on the side of caution, in my own health regimen, and do a heavy metal cleanse.

Forgetfulness or noticable memory loss,
problems with your digestion, feeling nervous
or anxious or being frequently irritated for no
good reason……

Being diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome, colitis,
Crohn’s Disease or IBS……

Mental fatique and physical fatique for no good reason,
liver disease, chronic headaches, muscle spasms or pain
with no known cause……

A markedly acute sense of smell and an overly strong
reaction to certain offensive odors including perfumes,
cigarette smoke or other types of fumes like automobile
or bus fumes and fumes from paint, being unable to walk
down certain aisles in the grocery store, like the washing
powder aisle,…..

Having chronic allergies, having immune response problems
whether from an underactive immune system (prone to colds)
or overactive (you’ve been diagnosed with any type of
autoimmune condition, tasting metal in your mouth,
not being able to lose weight……

Mercury Fillings Mean Mercury Toxicity

Of course, if you have amalgam fillings that contain mercury it’s a no-brainer that you probably have some mercury toxicity unless you have chelated out the metals over the years on a regular basis. There are hair analysis tests that can identify harmful toxicity and this should be a first step if you are suspecting heavy metal build up.

The good news is that heavy metals can be safely chelated out of the system. learn more about detoxing heavy metals

2 thoughts on “Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

  1. Thanks for the resource. I checked out the website, National Guard Health Affairs, and found it has some good information. Among the poisoned symptoms you list are some that might not necessarily be considered to be from toxicity, such as unusual giddiness. Agitation, headache, confusion, vomiting all more common, yes?

    Good info on what not to do if poisoned. Not inducing vomiting a good idea because some poisons will damage coming back up. Better to let professionals address it or, if you can’t get to professionals and life is threatened, call a health center, tell them what kind of poison was taken and follow their instructions to the letter.

    Also very good that you remind people to take care of themselves too. If something with poisonous fumes is present,it could present a health hazard to the person attempting to help the one with poisoned symptoms.

  2. For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222
    American Association of Poison Control Centers

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