CardioCocktail Retest Cancelled

Digital Pulse Analyzer Test Not Happening Now
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Digital Pulse Analyzer Testing Cancelled

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on my review of Argenix and Cardio Cocktail

This is part of my personal product review on CardioCocktail and Argenix

I had planned to be rested once more, through the FDA-approved Digital Pulse Analyzer, and to report my results after another 90 days on the argenix formula.

Unfortunately, I keep getting fever blisters so I’ve had to stop taking the argenix until I can boost my immune system.

I will not be doing the retest because I haven’t been taking the argenix faithfully. However, I certain saw enough when I first used this product a few years ago to recommend it in very good faith.

Although the only warnings are regarding ocular herpes or brain herpes, my own experience causes me to feel that shingles as well as oral herpes should be included….well, all types of herpes I would suppose.

A person would have to weigh risks against benefits. If it’s only a fever blister, a person might be willing to live with that in return for the marvelous cardiovascular benefits. On the other hand, a person with shingles might not be willing to suffer to the extent that a shingles outbreak can cause suffering; nor might a person with genital herpes be willing to take the risk.

My disclaimer would be that I could not suggest it to anyone with herpes virus, regardless of type, without taking precautions against an outbreak. Arginine and herpes do not play well together. However, there are ways to work with getting this vital cardiovascular health ingredient in doses high enough to be truly therapeutic. One suggestion is to take high doses of Lysine or Olive Leaf Extract about an hour after taking the Arginex or Cardio Cocktail.

At such time in the future as I feel I can start on the argenix again, I intend to do so and will still hope to provide a second 90-day test result at some point in the future.

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