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My Matrix Energetics Experience
My favorite Matrix Energetics Product: Works fast to connect you to the field of M.E. The Matrix Energetics Experience

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A Sure Sign Our “Work” is Done

Update, 2018: Still chopping wood and carrying water here, after the sure sign that our “work” is done that I received when I wrote this original post. It’s been an interesting period of “unlearning” for me. I’ve been often frustrated, often feeling lost but always remembering that what I sensed back then is still true for me. Try as I might, I can never go back to the paradigm I lived in before I went to the Omega Institute and experienced Matrix Energetics.

The intensive introduced me to a perspective that has continued to shape my world. There is no going back. However, that doesn’t mean the way forward was, or is, clear. I’ve experienced this limbo state many times in my awakening process. When a paradigm drops away, I tend to have an amount of linear time in my life when I wander in the wilderness of unknowing. The bigger the paradigm shift, the longer the wandering.

It seems impossible that it has been 10 years since my introduction to Matrix Energetics! After that, an equally explosive exploration began with a modality called Human Design and I was introduced to gazing with Braco. Between these three events, My inner life has shifted so much that I have little relationship with 3D reality, and sometimes that’s a massive challenge.

I continue to walk between worlds in new ways, at the same time that I seem to circle back into 3D density with so much force that I literally lay down and just stop participating in outer world activity at all for periods of time, not that time has meaning anymore.

I know it’s hard to read mood in the written word and those paragraphs certainly could mean a person isn’t having much fun living. I’d say that’s true. Parallel to those times of what I can only call suffering, I consistently see the truth of me. It is a schizophrenic existence I must endure because to lose site of the Truth would mean this human experience would serve no further purpose for me. No one said it would be easy to decondition from decades of imposed reality.

Original Post, 2008:
ps. I haven’t posted for a few weeks because I traveled to Rhinebeck, NY for a Matrix Energetics experience. This post is about that journey.

I feel as if I’ve found the missing piece of my Spiritual Path. I started out as an intuitive reader and then became a “healer”. That structure served for quite some time, about a space of 7 years. Then, I began to feel quite constrained by it, in a way I could not articulate. It just all seemed like too much work. Yes, I saw people shift in quantum ways and heal their lives on many levels and……it all seemed like too much work.

I changed what I called myself from “healer” to healing facilitator, which felt more in alignment with the Truth. Still, so much work. Then, a friend mentioned Matrix Energetics. I watched the video on youtube and instantly understood that what I was seeing was the same thing I had glimpsed over the years in my own “work” as a healing facilitator.

There had been times, magical times, when I witnessed a person’s entire cellular field reconfigure. I knew, for those people, life would never be quite the same. I knew that something Sacred had intervened and that something profound had happened for those people. I also knew that I had helped. I had facilitated somehow but did not know exactly how my support had assisted.

When Only Magic Happens

I remember one woman who came for a reading. She remained almost motionless the whole time, with eyes closed, and afterwards acted as if really, nothing had happened. I asked what she experienced. She said that oh, she just went into another dimension and saw angels and was surrounded by light was all.

Oh, that’s all……!

Matrix Energetics is playing. For me, at this new stage, it is work to keep it as play…..

What I mean is that I had so much history with the work part of transformation that my personality self still wants to think it’s hard. It’s not. It’s the easiest thing in the world because I’m not doing anything except offering the unlimited field of potentiality as I connect with another being.

Love M.E. and excited about what is is adding to my life and will add to those with whom I share it.

If you are curious about Matrix Energetics, there’s a couple of short videos on youtube. If you decide to go to a workshop, please tell Richard and Justice that Neva Howell said “Play On!”

For me, it’s the culmination of many, many years of spiritual practice, seeking and service.

More about the Matrix Energetics Experience, from Richard Bartlett:
Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation

2 thoughts on “Matrix Energetics and Me – M.E.

  1. Thanks for your ME posting. Yes, ME is so simple and we make it so hard! I too love ME and all the potentiality. Unlimited possibilities. I was hoping you would discuss more about your experience in NY with ME. Best wishes on your ME journey!

    yourmindbodyandsoul123 . com

  2. Colleen:

    I do plan to share a lot more about the NY experience with Matrix Energetics. I have only been back home for a couple of days and had a lot of work type stuff to get caught up on before I could put together any posts on the seminar.

    I will say it was a blessed, profoundly powerful time and anyone interested in shifting their healing facilitation service into quantum gear would do well to investigate doing a Matrix Energetics workshop.

    Besides that, it was just the most fun I’d had in years.

    And I’m so glad I took the extended class. The best stuff seemed to happen as time went on so the last day was the most powerful and they were all pretty powerful.

    Omega is a wonderful place on it’s own and that’s where the seminar was. Wonderful, alive food, a beautiful environment and a quiet peace pervaded.

    Look for more on M.E. for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share your own experiences with M.E.

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