Think on these things

What you think is what you get
Think on these things

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The Frequency of Being Careful

I was on my way home from the Matrix Energetics seminar in New York, I found that the way I looked at my world had changed.

For example, I seldom feel helpless anymore. Before, I would look at a situation and think “what can I do to fix it; help it; change it.” Now, when I remember, I just drop my pebble of intent into the ocean of potentiality which represents the trillions of options God has for shifting my situation in a positive way and I know it is done. Whatever is optimal for me is already done. This is a form of spiritual surrender I learned when I attended a Matrix Energetics Intensive in October, 2008.

And I remember to look at the world through the eyes of joy. The eyes of the wide-eyed child who doesn’t know everything yet. I believe this is what Jesus meant when he said that except we become as little children, we couldn’t enter the kingdom of heaven. He also said the kingdom is within.

I’ve also noticed that my thinking and view of the world are different after the Matrix Energetics workshop. I remember hearing the passage from Phillipians in church, where Christ admonished his followers to think on what is pure, just, true, pleasurable and commendable.

Jesus said those kinds of thoughts contained the seed of excellence and that they were worthy of praise.

He said “think on these things”.

I realized that the quantum physics behind Matrix Energetics is nothing new. Of course, Richard Bartlett speaks of Jesus and knows that Jesus was a quantum physics master.

Think on these things.

When I remember to do so, my entire world looks different.

Pleasingly different.

Amazingly different.

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