Matrix Energetics and Animals

Matrix Energetics and Animals
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
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My 2-point experience with Lux the Wonder Dog

Back in October of 2008, which feels like lifetimes ago and yesterday, I attended a Matrix Energetics Workshop in Rhinebeck, New York. It was an intensive, covering levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Matrix Energetics teachings brought in by Richard Bartlett.

After returning home from the seminar, I had planned to start posting about my experiences with M.E. and haven’t fulfilled that plan much so far. One reason is that the results are difficult to describe and difficult, in many cases, to quantify.

I want to talk about using Matrix Energetics with animals because one such experience was so fluid and amazing that it showed me what playing with M.E. could be like if both myself and the person I’m playing with in the quantum field could just drop our minds out of it.

I was petting Lux, a wonderful Medicine Dog that I love, when he started walking forward. My hands naturally started gliding down both sides as he moved. When both hands reached Lux’s hip area, he suddenly stopped.

At the same time, I noticed a sensation as if my hands had snapped into a particular position, much like the feeling when a latch secures a lock. Then, Lux looked back at me as if to say “yeah, that’s the spot”. A 2-point occurred almost spontaneously. That is to say, just as it registered to me that Lux was showing me where he needed it, the 2-point was happening.

For those unfamiliar with Matrix Energetics, the 2-point is the basic teaching. I can share about that here because it is readily available in Richard Bartlett’s book,
Matrix Energetics

Basically, Richard says that you need 2 points to measure anything and that whenever we, with focused intent, measure between 2 points, we do something he calls collapsing the wave.

This entanglement with the field of potentiality allows for a disintegration of old patterns and a reconfiguration of new patterns. While Matrix Energetics does not “treat” anything specifically, it allows for the release of old patterns so that new, more desirable patterns can form.

That’s my definition, not Richard’s. I’d recommend getting the Matrix Energetics book if you have an interest in the work because it activated me and I’ve heard from others that they were activated before ever attending a Matrix Energetics workshop.

Anyway, back to Lux the Wonder Dog. It was Lux positioning me. He knew what he needed.

So, after the 2-point (one point being my hand on one hip, the other point being my hand on the other hip – I simply noted the distance between them while being in a state of awareness that something was asking to be shifted), Lux stepped away and then stretched both back legs out in what I can only describe as luxurious fashion.

He then came back and did the stepping forward thing again until, once again, my hands hit the magic spots and locked in. I 2-pointed again and Lux repeated the stretching. I asked his two-legged steward if Lux had hip-pain and she replied that he had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

This was such a remarkable fluid, easy and profound experience that it made me want every session to go that way. However, I also realize that there is a distinct time for money value exchange that still matters to a lot of people. How many people would feel they’d gotten their money’s worth if the entire session was complete in under 3 minutes?

4 thoughts on “Matrix Energetics and Animals

  1. This is great! I read your post at the Matrix forum, and found this post via twitter. I’d love to read more of your experiences w/ME. I’m fascinated, and really looking forward to my first seminar.

    susan-denham dot com

  2. Susan:

    You will love the Matrix Energetics seminar. Which one will you be attending? I was really hoping I’d manifest the finances to go ahead and take the 1 and 2 plus practitioner training in December, in Seattle, to go ahead and get certified.

    I took the five-day intensive that covers levels 1-3.

    Richard Bartlett is a very unique individual. There were times when I wondered what the heck I was doing there and times when I marveled at the profound nature of what I was experiencing. It was a roller-coaster for me and it’s been a roller-coaster ever since. I don’t regret it though. Most fun I’ve had in decades and it got me back in touch with the true essence of being.

    Please come back and post after you do the training. Would love to hear about your experiences. Also, if you want to write an original article on your own work, I’d be happy to hyper-link your site as a resource for my readers.

  3. Neva, thanks for writing about using matrix energetics with Lux – I am just learning about ME and wondered if it could help animals. (I came across your article by Googling matrix energetics – animals).

    dianar at
    peak dot org

    newlifeemporium . com

  4. Diana, thanks for your comments. Yes, I believe Matrix Energetics may actually be more effective with children and animals because they don’t have our perceptual filters and heavy left-brain interference to the miracle mindset.

    I liked your website. I’d love it if you came back and posted an original article. I’d be delighted to promote your site in that case. To cut down on links that do not provide substantial health and wellness information or spiritual information for my readers, I normally do not allow clickable links otherwise. Some exceptions, of course, at my discretion.

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