Extreme Low Frequency Waves

Finally, an explanation for the cursed humming! Very Low Frequency Waves – Gwen Towers

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Extreme low frequency waves / VLF Waves complicating my life

For years, I’ve heard a deep, intermittent, vibratory frequency that most around me cannot hear at all. Even those who can hear it are not bothered by it but at times it bothers me a lot. It actually feels like it’s inside my head, mainly the left side, and/or inside my chest in the heart area.

During a trip to New Mexico to explore the hot springs spas there and to check out Truth or Consequences as a possible relocation point, I happened to be surfing channels on the tv when I heard someone describing my experience exactly.

They spoke of feeling this hum in their head, on the left side mainly, and how no one else around them could feel or hear it. They said it was more like feeling it than hearing it. They said it was worst when they lay down at night to go to sleep.

Then, they talked about ELF or VLF (very low frequency) waves. I’d never heard of them. Apparently the government uses them to communicate with submarines. I don’t understand the distinctions between Extreme Low Frequency, Very Low Frequency and Low Frequency exactly but do understand that the artificially created low frequency waves are certainly not the same as earth’s natural ELF waves like the Schumann Frequency.

In order to do transmit these LF waves that are artificial and created for military use (and some say other, more nefarious purposes including mind control), the government needed regularly spaced ELF / VLF transmitters all over the globe.

This conglomeration of low frequency towers is called Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) and, like everything else the government does that raises a red flag in the consciousness of the conscious, the GWEN towers are said to be for our own good….to help the government control terrorist activities, etc.

While the two biggest stations are in Clam Lake, Wisconsin and Republic, Michigan, there are literally ELF transmissions of this sort all over the world. In fact, the ELF lines are only about 200 miles apart, across our U.S. of A. so it may be impossible to get away from them, though there are areas where the signal is stronger.

Where are these GWEN Towers?

I found a GWEN map online that shows how much of the artificially created ELF / LF frequency is coming into any given area in the United States. Imagine my shock when I looked at the map.

I live in a tiny little town in the northeast corner of Alabama and I hear the vibrations stronger here than most places. When I looked at the map, my little corner emits 500,000 units, as opposed to 230,000 units to one side or the other of my community. I am sorry that I did not write down the url for that site because I can’t seem to locate the map now. I’ll keep looking.

I did find another interesting map of GWEN towers, though not as detailed as the one I originally saw. If you look at this map, I live at the very northeast corner of Alabama, by TN and GA. As you can see, the path of the towers cuts directly through this area, which is why the frequencies are higher there than a hundred miles in either direction.

GWEN Towers Map

Counteracting the Effects of artificially created Low Frequency Waves and.or artificially generated ELF Waves:

There are a few ideas that people are suggesting, for ways to reduce the effects of the humming from Extreme Low Frequency stations. One is to use an orgone generator.

These can be purchased online but the prices vary greatly. You can also make your own. There’s a great video on youtube that shows exactly how to make an orgone generator.

These particular items are also referred to as Holy Handgrenades. There are several other types of orgone generators that you can read about online. I do intend to try one myself but need to do a bit more research before choosing one.

Being a longtime fan of homeopathy myself, I was also pretty surprised to find a homeopathic remedy for addressing Very Low Frequency Waves effects, if only indirectly, and even more surprised to find out that the person that developed them is right in my neck of the woods. Interesting, indeed. I may have to go have lunch with him someday, if he will, and interview him about these formulas.

The tie-in with ELF is that, when placed near an orgone generator, the Chembuster formula is potentiated by the orgone generator.

Update: I did go on to interview this homeopath. Here’s a link to my interview with Dr. William G. von Peters

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