ELF Frequencies

Effects of different ELF / VLF Frequencies
One-sided headaches at night? Could be related to ELF and VLF frequencies. Headaches from ELF Frequencies

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Common Physical Symptoms Associated with Specific Frequencies

Suggested Health Supplement for auditory Challenges from ELF / VLF Waves: Chemtrails Defense Pack from Life Quest.

I recently posted some information on the very annoying low humming sound I’ve been hearing for years. Just when I began to think it had a physical cause, I found out about ELF frequencies, or very low frequencies, and Gwen Towers.

Although I feel for anyone else who struggles with this, it also felt good to know that there was a true cause that could be found. Thanks to the efforts of others who have been suffering with the effects of Extreme Low Frequency Waves, there is now information on line to help the rest of us understand it better.

This is just a very basic intro to some of the frequencies and possible physical effects of ELF waves.

A good website for more information is Earth Pulse

This site also has some interesting and thought-provoking information about the potential privacy violation threat inherent in wide use of ELF / VLF waves and the associated technology.

Frequencies below 8 Hz:
General agitation and uneasiness
Chest tightness

6 to 7 Hz Frequencies:
Ringing in ears
Flushing of face
Chest Tightness
Increased Pulse

8.6 to 9.6 Hz
Tingling sensations in limbs
(fingers, arms, legs)
Tingling feeling in teeth or roof of mouth
Metallic feeling in mouth (I have this sometimes)
May induce sleep in some but inhibit dreaming

An interesting story on that site involves a dog that was having seizures. When they applied an ELF generator, the seizures stopped and did not recur. The frequencies used in the ELF generator the dog still wears are 10.0 Hz and 7.83 Hz.

One place I found online that sells ELF generators which create beneficial frequencies to counteract the harmful VLF waves is Kelly Research but I don’t know anything about the company nor have I tried their generators. They are said to transmit a frequency of 7.8 Hz, which is the Schumann Resonance waveform consistent with the earth’s own natural frequency. It is believe that this frequency is healthy to all lifeforms and having it broadcast continually might reduce the effects of negative electromagnetic impacts on the body.

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