How You Can Experience Matrix Energetics

How You Can Access Matrix Energetics
The Universe wants to play with you? Are you game?

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Tapping the gridline of group consciousness

Richard Bartlett says that the field of Matrix Energetics is available to the planet. He often speaks of “borrowing the state” of another person who might have expertise you lack, to help you with whatever you wish to transform in your life.

Those who take the Matrix Energetics training comprise a group of people not only exampling a way to transform radically and rapidly but are also well aware of the group frequency they are generating.

They are consciously available, as a group, for good. I like being part of a growing, conscious vibration of transformation on the planet.

It’s not really a new concept to me, as I often heard in the church of my youth that powerful statement of Jesus: Where two or more are gathered, there Am I in the midst.

I’ve also had occasion, at times in my life, to see the energy of group grids, both negative and positive.

Group consciousness magnifies an energy exponentially and calls in the Divine as a catalyst for transformation.

I wrote in my Moon Lodge book, way back in 1996, that each group has an energetic gridline that forms according to the strength of that group. For example, if I want to tap into the Buddhist consciousness more strongly, one way is to attend meditations. Another way is to simply connect to the gridline of consciousness created by all those who practice Buddhism. Same is true for any other strongly vibrating group, at least in my own experience.

My favorite Matrix Energetics Product: Works fast to connect you to the field of M.E. The Matrix Energetics Experience

Tapping the Matrix Without Taking a Class
If someone wanted to know more about Matrix Energetics, I believe they could certainly start by tapping into my consciousness, or that of Richard Bartlett or Justice Bartlett, or just meditate on the Matrix Energetics gridline in general.

If that experience leads you, as it did myself and others, to become a more active participant in the gridline by way of training, that’s cool. However, you can access the Matrix without a class. I don’t know if Richard said that in the class and want to make clear that’s my experience in general, with any group consciousness.

Another way a lot of people get introduced to the Matrix Energetics gridline is through reading Richard’s book on the subject. I most certainly got baptized when I read it and so did a friend of mine. She told me she was sitting in the doctor’s office (now there’s a paradox in itself) reading when she suddenly found herself on the floor. The wave of consciousness had spontaneously collapsed as she read. Funny experience. She said she kept telling her body “get up, get up, they will think there’s something wrong with you”.

It reminded me of Richard’s story in the book where Mark Dunn, in the grip of a massive wave collapse, said that if someone who didn’t know what was happening found him that way, they might assume he had a stroke.

I don’t know if you’ll have trouble walking at times, as I did, or fall on the floor at the doctor’s office as my friend did. I do know that the information in that book can change your life in a way that helps you understand more about how you are creating your reality and co-creating with others. For me, that information has been valuable.

You may order Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation on amazon; however, I more strongly suggest getting Richard’s new cd and dvd set for a rapid immersion into the gridline of energy that is matrix energetics: The Matrix Energetics Experience

I can tell you that actually hearing Richard speak, rather than reading words, is a unique energetic experience. The fact that the cds are recorded at an actual Matrix Energetics seminar means that the group morphic field is there as well. It is really powerful.

5 thoughts on “How You Can Experience Matrix Energetics

  1. <p>Love the story of your friend at the doctors office! I have seen the wave in action at ME seminars, however have not experienced the ‘wave’ as others who have fallen on the floor! I look forward to it someday. I have experienced the group energy. </p>
    <p>I am so fascinated by borrowing energy or the state of people. This is incredible and I will continue to play with it.</p>
    <p>Thanks for the blog!</p>

    yourmindbodyandsoul123 . com

  2. Colleen: The only time I’ve experienced the wave that way was when I was in the Matrix Energetics seminar. I also had other people fall down that way when I two-pointed them while at the seminar.

    Since I’ve gotten home, I’ve only had that type of powerful response when playing with someone one other time.

    The seminar can spoil you because the energy is so high and there are people falling down right and left but it’s important to remember that there’s a concentration of staff at those meetings….all the staff plus Richard and Justice can amp up the energy of a place and then you’ve got a couple hundred other people also two-pointing so it’s wild.

    I was initially disappointed when it didn’t work that way one on one very much. It was far more subtle then. From others I’ve talked with, that’s pretty normal.

    Yes, borrowing the state of another is something I’ve used quite a bit. I’ve borrowed the state of experts in a lot of fields.

    I also loved creating my medicine chest and tool box. It’s created in the energy field and becomes about as real as a real box. I downloaded thousands of books into my library as well as adding a huge colleciton of herbal, homeopathic, nutritional and medical vials to pull and install when needed.

    For example, if I needed a statin drug, I’d just pull a vial from my medicine chest, deactivate all harmful side effects and install in the person I’m working with. Neat stuff.

  3. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your experiences with ME. I read Richard’s work which I actually bought as an ebook from an online store. Since I am not in the States, I cant attend the seminars; so, this was the only option I had. I loved the way he explains his approach in the book, especially the “collapsing of the wave” and “two-pointing”. I’d really love to be able to tap into the ME gridline and to be able to borrow expertise/knowledge, but I dont know how to get started. Is there any way you can help me?

    gmail dot com

  4. Dear AJ: I did not “get it” about Matrix Energetics, even after attending levels 1 to 3 in New York in 2008. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it so it didn’t work so well or so consistently after returning home and going back into my natural environment.

    It took going back for a repeat of level 1 before I realized what I was doing wrong…..

    I was trying to wrap my brain around it.

    When I stopped thinking, and I can’t tell you how to do this except to keep playing with the two-point until it works and then remember how that felt until you are playing more than you are thinking.

    Visiting this blog and reading the Matrix Energetics posts periodically will help you tap into the matrix gridline since I’m part of that now.

    Visiting the message boards at the Matrix Energetics website is another great way to tap into the frequency. People are two-pointing and playing over there all the time.

    Also, I highly recommend Richard’s new cd, dvd and workbook. Just listening to Richard’s voice on all the cds keeps me tapped into the Matrix Energetics frequency.

    This great set is called “The Matrix Energetics Experience” and is put out by Sounds True Audio. I think amazon also has it available and, of course, it can be ordered thru the website.

    Just keep playing and don’t give up. If you want this frequency and way of living, you definitely can have it.

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