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Tracking a Lifelong Pattern of Choice

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This morning, I saw a life pattern that I don’t have a name for.

I was lying in bed and pondering why my house isn’t selling. Then, I began to see a pattern of choice in all the places I’ve ever lived before, in this lifetime. I began to see that, all my life, I’ve chosen a particular type of place to be. The choices weren’t made around work, or weather or people, although they seemed to be most of the time.

It was a pattern of choosing a certain type of structure and colors and a peculiar, familiar starkness that I recognized in every place I had ever lived or even stayed for any length of time. There was some sort of energetic resonance that was the same in all of them.

I saw a pattern that lacked beauty and that held only the illusion of comfort and safety. Without consciously thinking about it, both hands started to do what they call, in Matrix Energetics, “tracking”.

Tracking, as it is demonstrated in the Matrix Energetics work, is a little hard to explain but it’s also something I recognized. I had done it before, unconsciously, without knowing that’s what I was doing.

When a person tracks energetically, the fingers move through fields, dimensions, even universes. It isn’t just a moving of the fingers in the air but a way of tracking a situation, a path, a future event or a past one. I also use tracking to find a place in space where I can see something from a new perspective.

I was shown, by Justice Bartlett in an altogether miraculous experience with her, that sometimes just moving your body a quarter of an inch to the left or right, with consciousness, can shift everything in shockingly big ways.

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I know I’m using words that represent something here on earth but are not really real. In reality, there is no past or future. New language is coming, I’m sure but for now, I still use those words helps me to place a pin in the area of consciousness I’m accessing. I guess there are new words coming, words that better address reality. For now, I’m still using words like time, past, and future.

Tracking is a way of manipulating the energy of potential. It very much reminds me of the scene in that Tom Cruise movie with the precogs, where he is standing in front of that big clear screen and, with his hands, moving pieces of experience around on it, to figure out what is going on.

I can’t ever think of the name of that film so I looked it up. It is Minority Report. No wonder I can’t remember it….if they’d named it precogs….oh, well. My experience this morning was exactly like that for me, like moving images of past events around into some sort of pattern I could then see through time.

I used the tracking technique I learned in Matrix Energetics to allow me to see an entire spectrum of experience, line it all up and sort of connect all the dots of it. It’s hard to explain and, since my Matrix Energetics training, I’ve never used tracking exactly that way til this morning. Using it that way wasn’t something Richard covered in the class but, then again, he’s been in my dreamtime twice that I know of so maybe he’s still teaching me.

After I aligned the housing experiences of my life according to those colors, structures and the stark quality I kept seeing, I opened a portal for choosing beauty. I felt an expansiveness happen around me when I did this and that was all. Thought I would have longed for a voice to clearly tell me, in ways my mind could have latched on to and ran with, what I should do, I only got the full sense of something opening, expanding, shifting, transforming.

Faith – the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen. Now, I must call on faith to walk into this new way of choosing where I live.

2 thoughts on “Matrix Energetics Tracking Experience

  1. Wow, this was powerful and enlightening for me to read! Thank you! I tracked you in this discussion and thought of my relationship with money! I will be making differences in my ‘tracking.’ Great post!

    yourmindbodyandsoul123 . com

  2. Colleen:

    That’s a brilliant idea, tracking while you read an article. Would really help discern if the message is for you or not. Thanks for that idea.

    Ah, yes, money. On the minds of most of us these days.

    Richard tracks out his seminars before they happen, and makes adjustments in any areas that look out of whack. I haven’t tried that yet because I really don’t do workshops right now.

    To track a workshop, Richard showed how he draws a diagram of the workshop place and then tracks the entire workshop, looking at areas where energy drops, where to have breaks, how to deal with disruptions, etc. He only demonstated his process once so I didn’t get all the details but that’s the coolest thing about Matrix Energetics. Once you get an idea, you can play with it and make it your own.

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