The Critical Role of Water

Is Your Natural Filtering System Overwhelmed?
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Guest Article on Water and Your Health

This article copyright Martin Pytela at Life Enthusiast

Water plays a critical role in our lives: Our blood is a fancy version of sea water. All nutrients and toxins in our body are transported by extra-cellular fluids that resemble sea water.

Your cells are like fish in an aquarium – all nutrients that reach your cells arrive in the fluids, and all toxins are dumped into that same body of water.

If your filtration cannot keep up with the inflow of toxins, what do you suppose will happen? In an aquarium, the algae will start blooming, and the fish will be getting sluggish, maybe sick, and the less resilient ones will begin to die.

It is not just about toxins: as the fluids become more acidic, they loose their ability to carry oxygen. No oxygen = no fire. The cellular furnace cannot burn the fuel, no matter how abundant, in the absence of oxygen. Absence of oxygen puts you in the fermentation mode – your cells start using the fuel (sugar) to make lactic acid, and you will start hurting all over. Not just in your leg muscles from too much running – all over your body. If you have seen someone in the final stages of cancer, you know what I mean. Fermentation, caused by absence of oxygen, which was caused by the toxins.

Prevention is a good thing. You can avoid becoming toxic. One of the most important tools for detoxification is drinking energized water. Prill Beads is one such product. You can be drinking structured, oxygen carrying, toxin eliminating water for years, and it is such a bargain:

There is a chance that you are in a deeper trouble. If you have suffered from the metabolic syndrome for some years already, you probably need something stronger. You need serious help.

You need to consider draining the toxic swamp that used to be an aquarium with an ionic foot spa. It is based on the principle of electrolysis that draws toxic garbage out of your body. You may also want to use detox patches to help remove toxins.

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