Dream Job Manifested

My Dream Job Manifested!
Manifesting my dream job: My Omega Breakthrough Week

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I’ve been chosen for a Volunteer Position in Faculty Support
for the Omega Institute, a Premiere Spiritual Retreat and Workshop Center

Update, 2018: Looking back at the dream job I got, as seasonal staff volunteer at the Omega Institute. It did have dream job qualities. One was the convenience of living where you work. Commuting is a moving form of torture for me so I relished being able to just walk out the door and up the road. Also, incredibly good organic food that I didn’t have buy or prepare. Another wonderful perk was that I was free to attend many spiritual workshops and classes put on by the staff during non-work areas as well as being able to choose free paid workshops to attend for free. That all sounds like a dream, right?

What was not like a dream was the work position I accepted. It was full of all the tedious kinds of data input and typing that I find mind-numbing. It was the price of being there and the price proved too high. What I learned is that I settled for a partial dream rather than finding a job that had all the elements that, for me would truly constitute a dream job. What was not like a dream were the rather run down dorms with leaky propane tanks and noisy neighbors.

I learned something important in that experience. I have tended to be attracted to certain elements of an offer so much that I ignore equally important elements that are not attractive. My mind overrides those elements in favor of the ones that look great to me. It was a partial “yes” but I treated it as if it were a total “yes”. Big lesson.

Original Post:
I just got a dream job for the summer. I am so thrilled.

From April through November, 2009, I will be working at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

I was there for the matrix energetics training with Richard Bartlett. The Omega Institute is one of the two oldest spiritual retreat and workshop centers in existence. The other is Esalen.

It’s such an incredible place, so beautiful and so full of peace. Most important to me is the sense of community there. I’ve been seeking this for a long time now, a balanced, harmonious approach to community living and working together in community. I know I will learn priceless lessons just working at the Omega Institute.

The interview process was intense and detailed and each staff member I communicated with was so knowledgeable about their departments and so clear about the job descriptions, duties, perks, etc. It felt so fluid and good. That is also a testament to a successful community process.

They have the best organic food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Fulltime seasonal staff get many perks and are treated with respect and appreciation. Above and beyond all the perks though, is just the experience of being in such an active spiritual environment where many of the most well-respected spiritual teachers infuse energy by way of their workshops. I expect to get more on spiritual levels than I would ever get in a workshop, just by being continually in such a rich vibrational field.

The Omega Institute has so many spiritual and holistic health leaders coming there this year that it boggles my mind! Donna Eden, Carolyn Yyss, Julia Cameron, Marianne Williamson, James Van Praagh, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Neale Donald Walsch, Elizabeth Lesser and many, many more.

Richard Bartlett is coming again too for Matrix Energetics. John of God will be there and the list goes on I’m so grateful. So grateful.

I want to share with you the two things that i feel have helped me be able to come into alignment with my dream job now. One is something called Ausome Water. Oh my good sweet lord. It is awesome, truly. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and so much is different now, in a good way.

The other is a spiritually powerful video I’ve been watching on youtube called Pentacost. Every single time I watch it, I get baptised in the Spirit, in the Holy Ghost. Every time I have found myself getting fearful or worrying or doubting in the past week or so, I go watch it again and it lifts me up again. It burns out the dregs of what is not God in me. Love enters in and grace.

It would be hard to say which one of these have been the most powerful but I can say that I am no where near the vibrational frequency I was a few weeks ago. My energetic frequency has risen so much that I am astonished. My dream job is just one outward affirmation of a very powerful inner shift.

So grateful, so grateful, so grateful.

Update: I’m starting an Omega Experience Category
I’ll add links here on this page as I find time but you can also check there if you want to learn more about Omega.

Added 4/12: Arriving at Omega

2 thoughts on “Dream Job Manifested

  1. Congratulations on your dream job at the Omega Institute. I trust you will be blogging on this as inquiry minds want to know!! Wow, what a great spiritual experience for you! I will check out the video, sounds powerful!

    yourmindbodyandsoul123 dot com

  2. Colleen:

    Thanks. Yes, I will definitely be writing about it. Not sure how often I’ll be online while I’m there so it may be sporadic though.

    I’m so excited. On the video, it’s pentacostal in nature. I forgot to mention that before. I am one who follows a blended path of spirituality and I trust my energetic hit on things rather than getting too involved in dogma, creeds, religion, rules, etc.

    In posting it, I’m not saying I practice the Pentacostal way. I’m just saying this video touches me physically, emotionally and energetically at very high levels every time I watch it. I don’t need to go to that church or embrace the entire doctrine, whatever it might be, to get the blessing from that blessed event.

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