Calming My Worried Mind

How to Create Mind Energy Balls

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Putting the Mind to Sleep

So much has shifted in my own life in the past month that my sweet little overworked mind has really been challenged. It so wants to worry and stress and especially to control. It wants to hedge bets and figure out contingencies and cover all the possible things that could go wrong.

In my journey toward the new reality, the one we are all embracing at whatever level our rapidly shifting consciousness may allow, my strongest challenge has been my mind.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and it was an absolute necessity for me to bring my mind into an entirely new way of functioning, in order to successfully walk in the new reality I am co-creating with the universe.

The place I feel most connected to my body, mind and Spirit these days is when immersed in water. When I am sitting in the bathtub, I can more clearly see the lines of communication between the different aspects of this me that is on earth and having an experience here.

I very often add a few drops of Energized Water my bath and find that it deeply increases my ability to see myself more clearly. Immersed in this energized water one day, I learned a technique to help my mind understand it’s new job.

Calming My Worried Mind – The Energy Ball Technique

The first part of this technique is just getting still enough to see the mind patterns that may be hindering your own progress. For me, the best environment for doing that was while in water. For you, it might mean being out in nature or meditating in front of your altar. However you most deeply connect to source is a good place to try just allowing the mind to have it’s say rather than trying to shut it up or ignore it.

I was sitting in the tub when I recognized this rather larger pattern of energetic chaos in my mind. It was based on fear, worry and stress thoughts around a situation I was facing. As I looked at all those intertwined lines of thought that were jumbling up my signals to the universe, I realized that my mind still thought it had to track every contingency and inform me of every possible potential problem, to keep me safe.

I knew, from years of trying, that just telling the mind to be quiet didn’t really work.

Instead, that night, I invited the mind to bring every tendril of doubt, fear and worry in front of me energetically. I began putting every gridline of thought that was creating the confusing signal into an energetic ball in front of me. I even used my hands to shape this energy ball as my mind brought me more and more worry thoughts.

I kept asking my mind to be sure that it brought me everything it was concerned about, regarding this situation.

When I felt every issue had been allowed expression, I thanked my mind and informed it that it’s work on that situation was complete for now. I explained that the energy ball of issues would now be sent to the Higher Self for transformation and that, at the appropriate time, the ball would be returned in a purified state. At that time, the mind could then bring me any valid information that still needed attention, as filtered through the wisdom of the Higher Self.

Finally, I told my mind to go to sleep. Literally. I use an affirmation “go sleep now” and within it is encoded the love of a mother who gently, so gently, loves her troubled child to sleep.

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