Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Kundalini Yoga

Which Yoga Practice is the Best?
Guest article on Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga. What makes each a different practice and health benefits of yoga in general

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Guest Article on Yoga
copyright, Colleen Lilly

With so many types of yoga to choose from, how can you know that you have found the best way to practice yoga?

Choosing a particular type of yoga is easier if you know the main differences between Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, yoga Kundalini, Bikram yoga, or Ashanta yoga, to name a few.

Knowing the various benefits can help you find the yoga practice that is right for you and what you hope to accomplish through yoga practice.

Ultimately, taking some yoga classes may be helpful to learn about yoga poses and yoga meditation.

Hatha Yoga
The type of yoga that most Westerners are familiar with is Hatha yoga.

Generally, Hatha yoga is more relaxed and more focused on breathing techniques and simple poses (asanas) than other types of yoga. Many times, yoga classes are centered around Hatha yoga techniques, which include meditation and stretching.

Hatha yoga has many recognized benefits, including greater relaxation, improved flexibility and strength, and help improve overall health.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa yoga, also known as Ashtanga yoga, focuses on more rigorous and dynamic movements and sequences of movements and postures.

These sequences are intended to achieve more heat in the body, improve circulation, increase respiratory benefits, increase strength and flexibility, and ultimately improve the connection between mind, spirit, and body.

Many of the celebrities that claim to use yoga for exercise, including Madonna, use
vinyasa yoga practice.

Six different series of movements are involved, each having their own specific pattern of movements. This type of yoga practice is often referred to as power yoga.

Bikram Yoga
Bikram yoga is also known as “hot yoga,” because it is typically performed in a very warm room (95 to 105 degrees).

The heat of the environment helps to warm up muscles, making them better able to stretch and let the energy flow through them properly. In Bikram yoga, sweating is considered to be a major part of the body cleansing process.

Bikram yoga consists of 26 different series of movements, that are taken from Hatha yoga poses.

Kundalini Yoga
While all types of yoga focus on breathing techniques that connect the body and the energy, Kundalini yoga has a more prominent focus on connecting the breathing and physical movement, with the intention of moving energy (also called prana) from the lower body up toward the center so that it may be released.

Rapid and repetitive movements help to connect breathing and postures, and chanting is used to help release the energies from the center.

Also known as a form of tantric yoga, Kundalini yoga is often associated with more religious yoga practices.

Many Benefits of Yoga
People of all ages and body types can reap the benefits of various types of yoga practice.

Whether you choose to learn yoga through a yoga teacher, a yoga video, or yoga classes, the benefits of each type of yoga are many, including physical and mental discipline, better concentration, cleansing of the body’s impurities, increased strength and flexibility, improved health, and relaxation.

For thousands of years, yoga has been recognized as a healthy and therapeutic activity for the mind, body and spirit.

This article is the copywritten material of Colleen Lilly. Printed here with permission. Please visit Colleen’s website for more great info: Your Mind Body and Soul 123

Thank you for such a great article, Colleen!

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4 thoughts on “Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Kundalini Yoga

  1. So many different types of yoga out there! Thanks for summaries. I think I will give KY a try!

    admin note: removed obvious promotional name and url.

  2. Nice posting!!

    It feels so good when I see people becoming more and more aware of this subtle kundalini power and yoga due to the efforts of people like you!! 🙂

    I have also taken an small initiative in this direction. Please visit following site for proper info on kundalini power and seven chakras:

    kundalini-and-chakra dot com

    Please visit. its genuine!!

    And mail me for suggestions and any further questions!! 🙂

    Thanks!! 😀

    Arvind’s email:
    gmail dot com

  3. Arvind: Thanks for your kind remarks. I would welcome an original article on yoga from you at any time and would be happy to promote your website in return. Just needs to be original and not something already posted online elsewhere.

    You have an interesting perspective on Einstein’s genius by the way. Never heard it linked to kundalini before.

  4. The Real Aim of Yoga.. – “Kundalini”

    By Arvind, from Kundalini and Chakra


    The yoga is not as we are seeing it today. Now what we see is the commercialised form of yoga. The real aim of yoga is the “evolution” of human mind, and what do I mean by “evolution”? If we see Yoga from a quantitative perspective, every form of yoga like kundalini yoga, hatha yoga etc. is meant for evolving your mind which is decided by the arousal of your Kundalini or the serpant power. Don’t think that you are already very intellectual, even according to science you are merely using 5-6 % of yourr mind and that is where the “evolution” comes into picture….


    “Kundalini”- may be you have heard this name before or you must have seen it on the internet if you are a regular practitioner of any type of yoga. Kundalini yoga is a very ancient and sacred concept originated from India.

    Since my early childhood, I am continuously reading and analyzing the “YOGA”, I have been visited many ashramas and read many ancient scriptures regarding the different forms of yoga and their impact on human life.

    <b>Today every face of yoga is commercialised </b> and the sacred originating concepts diluted or removed, therefore I continuously try hard to tell people about the true purpose of yoga and how the human can use this science for his evolution.

    Yoga is not meant for physical fitness or maintaining mental health. Please mind this!! Yoga in its original form is a science that is made for the evolution of human being in terms of intellect, spirituality and realizing the purpose of existence as a human being.

    Yes!! It is true that most of never realize that who are we?? Where do we come from?? and what is the thing from which we originated?? To answer all these questions, you don’t have to go anywhere outside.

    <b>Look inside you!!</b> and you will get all the answers. But now the question is how do we look inside us and the answer to this question is Yoga. Yoga is meant for this purpose, to realize yourself and to evolve your consciousness upto highest point.

    Now, lets talk about consciousness, most of us think themselves as very intelligent and smart. So usually, whenever I talk about consciousness, they answer that they are already this much evolved, how can they evolve more.

    Now also according to science, we are using hardly 10% of our mind capacity, then what about the part which is still unexplored? what is hidden in the dormant parts of our mind? n if by some means, these sleeping parts of our mind can be awakened, what changes will we observe in human race?

    This is something which ancient Indian yogis had already known and in this age we only know a part of that knowledge.

    <b>Superpowers, supernatural phenomenas, very high IQ, psychokinesis, telepathy</b> etc., these are just some of the name which excites us. Aren’t they?? We usually dream about such things. Well I do!!

    Now, these all things are nothing, but the outcomes of a evolved mind.

    Now, when I say evolved mind, I do not only mean these powers or supernatural things, when a person is evolved, definitely he can understand the world in a better way than we can. That is what Yoga is intended for.

    When we will become more evolved, we will also be able to this query of God which we cannot really understand now, so we usually leave this concept of God, either becoming an atheist or just like that. But really we can never understand that what is GOD??

    And those who can understand, knows very well that God is lying inside us. And when I say “Inside us”, I mean it, we can be God.

    “Lord Buddha” was a prince of an Indian kingdom i.e. he was a human but still we consider them as God. Why? because there was something in him which every human have but only he was able to find that thing, that aspect of their personality or existence.

    Now this thing is “Kundalini”, Yes!! According to ancient Indian scriptues, kundalini power is lying dormant at the base of spinal column and when by the practices of yoga, this kundalini power rises and crosses the seven “chakras” and reaches the final chakra, that is ultimate evolving point of a human.

    The ultimate aim of any type of yoga is to awaken this kundalini power, be it bhakti yoga, raja yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, nada yoga etc., all are meant for the awakening of this sleeping dormant force.

    At that stage, nothing remains unknown, such a person knows everything and he becomes like a junior God (like Lord Buddha).

    Believe me, I am not saying these things out of nothing. They do exist and they happen, I have seen it and experienced it also upto some extent.

    This whole science of kundalini yoga cannot be summarised here in this one article but I will keep posting the new articles and will try to bring the real and the exact face of yoga and kundalini. 🙂

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