Overwhelmed by Joy

A Sacred and Joyful Alignment with Source

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Is there such a thing as too much good?

My life has shifted so much in the past month…..many said this time was coming.

I remember in 2008, how I longed for any sign of movement at all. My life felt so stuck and confusing, almost all that year. When I reached out to the universe for guidance, I heard from several different sources the same message.

The input I got was that 2008 was a preparation year and that 2009 was a movement year. Whew, were they right on. At least from my perspective. It has felt like a car going from idling in neutral to 100 miles an hour in less than a second. At one point, a few days ago I finally saw something I always knew was there and had never been able to fully touch before…..I saw that mountain of abundance God has been holding in store for me.

I had heard about it all my spiritual life, beginning in the fundamental Christian church of my youth. Although they did tend to focus on getting your rewards in the afterlife, there was talk of this Holy Abundance God would bestow on the one who followed Divine Light.

In the bible it was spoke of as abundance that was pressed down and flowing over, full measure and more.

Later, as I broadened my spiritual path to include equally Sacred truth from other paths, I heard of this abundance of all good things again as the birthright of every Divine Being on the earth. All I had to do to receive that abundance with my name on it was to come into alignment with the frequency of it.

A few days ago, I must have reached that moment of alignment because I saw it coming toward me…..I was overwhelmed. Totally overwhelmed by the enormity of it. I could never have imagined this much good, this much joy, this much creative fulfillment, this much Godness all coming straight at me and for me.

I was literally shaking and crying and feeling so many things that I couldn’t function.

That’s when I wrote my friend Susan to ask for help. I shared that I was being literally overwhelmed by all that God wanted to give me. I didn’t know if I could expand my heart enough to gracefully receive it. This was the sage, Sacred advice that Susan sent back. Perhaps it will be helpful to others who are about to get overwhelmed with good, with God, with the movement energy of

1. Pull your energy back from in front of you… make sure it’s equally in the back of your body and ground… run that energy to the mother.

2. Another video we saw of Drunvalo’s said that the earth’s kundalini shifted from Tibet to the Northern Andes. A guide from the Himilayas said something similar. that the Andes are the feminine of the Himalayas and that Chile (I think that’s the right country over there) was the new Tibet. There is much pouring in over there through the Mayans as well…perhaps awareness around that part of the earth will help because it is absolutely full of the new.

ps. Susan is speaking of Drunvalo Melchizedek. I tried to link to the video she refers to is hosted by the Conscious Network Site

3. You could bring awareness to some of that energy you’re bringing in to be sent back out or through you to the highest good/need of the planet.

I dunno. That’s just what came to heart.

Well, that’s quite a heart full of wisdom, dear friend. Thank you.

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