Walking in Integrity

Walking Your Talk as a Spiritual Being

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

This Integrity Thing Can Be a Real Bear!

Walking in integrity
Sounds like such a
simple thing….

Always come from the heart, speak from your truth, act from a space of love.

Simple, not always so easy.

It can be really challenging to admit straying off the path of integrity, especially to myself.

I recently looked down at my own feet and wondered how I got where I was.

I found myself in a situation where it became clear to me that I had strayed from walking in integrity, from my personal sense of right action.

I had to trace my steps all the way back, months earlier, to the inception of the first step on a path of decision…. it was in that first moment, that first movement, that I missed a subtle shift away from my core honesty and awareness.

I saw, as I looked back, that I didn’t make this decision from a purity that would insure it would unfold in the most graceful way possible, not just for me but for every other being involved. There were elements of “me-ness” that were out of balance with the Oneness of any decision
that affects someone else’s life.

So….every step after that became more and more challenging until I realized I was on a path I could not complete.

Sometimes, walking in integrity doesn’t just mean that I’m not doing something mean or deceitful or wrong; walking in integrity also may mean I’m not in alignment with the highest good of all, from beginning to end of whatever it is I’m walking toward and partnering in with someone else.

God, I hope I’ve learned this lesson. It’s one I have no desire to repeat.

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