Our Deepest Spiritual Work

All Work and No Play Makes Jill a Tired Spirit
What is Healing?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Releasing Addiction to the Process

If you are a spiritually aware person, on a conscious path of dedicated awakening, we may be a lot alike in some respects.

In my own path, I went through such intense periods of cellular reconfiguration, shamanic-type journeying, breakdown of the personality self agenda, etc. and worked aggressively through so many personal issues that I unconsciously must have decided that processing was the way it went.

Only recently have I seen, really seen and not just glimpsed, another reality fast coming into the planet on a global level. It is the reality that knows our deepest, most powerful spiritual work is play.

The intense soul-wrenching processing most of us have done and the arduous path to becoming conscious and spiritually responsible for our decisions has been for this….play.

Our deepest and most powerful gift to the planet is joy, laughter and being.

We can relax now. The “work” is done. It’s time to play in the fields of the Lord. It’s time to rejoice in the harvest.

Blessing the world through our Light Presence in the world and transmuting in joy, laughter and play.

I could get used to that.

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