H’oponopono Spiritual Practice Helps

A Moment of Spiritual Awareness:
I was Deliberately Lowering My Vibration – How H’oponopono Spiritual Practice Helped

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Choices about Vibrational Energy Integrity

I drove to my favorite health food store a few days ago. I had not given myself the luxury of that in a while due to my busy schedule.

It felt so good to sit in that dining area, eating that deliciously healthy and organic food and enjoying the frequency of a place that is frequented by those who love their bodies, love the planet and love creative expression. There was also a healthy dose of frequency from folks who, like myself, were on spiritually aware journeys.

I just basked in the frequencies and said to myself….this is how I want to live.

Then, I loaded my goodies I had purchased into the car and headed home.

I stopped at the Dollar Store (and this is sooooo significant), where I purchased a spray water bottle and…while there, also picked up two rice crispie snacks. From there, I went to Ingles and purchased my favorite potato chips and some corn chips.

I got in the car, tore open the chips and ate them as if I were hungry. Then, I ate one of the rice crispie cakes.

However, somewhere in this process, I became acutely aware that I was deliberately eating foods I knew would lower my vibration to a known level, the force of the familiar. These comfort foods, a desire triggered by a visit to the dollar store (a symbol of lack consciousness if ever there was one) and my return to an environment that was very different than the one I was leaving which had felt so good, added up to a rather deliberate decision to lower my frequency to avoid the spiritual hypersensitivity that would otherwise occur.

Why Would a Spiritually Aware Person Lower Their Vibrational Frequency?

I asked why I would do such a thing and got that it was because I was de-sensitizing myself so that the sharp contrast in frequency would not be so shocking to my body.

I say this was a spiritually aware decision because I (soul) became aware of me (ego) doing it and still kept doing it. Before, all my life, it had been an unconscious decision.

This was interesting to me. Very.

It was the first time I had seen that my body, my matter, coupled with my soul, found a way to make the intolerable tolerable as long as I chose to stay in it. What an ingenious arrangement, if used with awareness. What an ego-enslaving trick, if not.

The ego feeds on decisions that lower spiritual vibration, of course, as a sign that we are going to stay in the hell we know rather than risk a new heave, after all.

We’re not. We are, all of us, moving forward.

I speak to my body: My body, that has registered faithfully for me, every instance I have gone off-path; my body, that has stored painful cellular memory for me until such time as I could allow transmutation; my sweet body that has obediently received frequency-lowering substances, allowed frequency-lowering relationships and entertained vastly frequency-lowering thoughts until such time as I could recognize the soul’s path into another reality.

I say to my body, that has felt such trauma over the evolution of the soul, the words I learned from the Hawaiian practice of H’oponopono ….

I love you
I’m sorry
Forgive me
Thank you

I say to my ego, for all the valuable fitness training it has provided my soul over the years, recognizing that it has had a very difficult and challenging job. First, it had to maintain control for every second that it was allowed to do so, and then it had to learn to give way to Higher Intelligence and be guided by that. So, I say the H’oponopono prayer to my ego:

I love you
I’m sorry
Forgive me
Thank you

I can only speak to my own experience as this practice has awakened in me and on my path. The following may or may not agree with what Dr. Len, creator of H’oponopono.

For me, it is the understanding that I am co-creator with all that is in my life, regardless of whether I view what is there as positive, negative, painful, evil, good, blissful, etc. Those are labels I can put on my reality. Underneath all labels is the truth that I am co-creator and, as such, responsible for what is in my life. I helped create it.

Part of being responsible is being compassionate and understanding, especially of those parts that are seen as less desirable. When I say I’m sorry, I’m saying I acknowledge that I helped create this situation. When I say forgive me, I am saying that I wish to embrace that part of myself again rather than keep it apart from me as something bad.

These are my words, not the words of Dr. Len, who helped bring about the return to health of an entire ward of “insane” patients in a mental ward, by the practice of h’ opnonpono.

Dr. Len’s work also speaks to me from the Native American teachings I learned about Mitakuye Oyasin. This teaching is simply that we are all related. All of us. And the healing of one helps bring about the healing of others, because ultimately, we are all One energy.

Oh, almost forgot. The Dollar Store was so significant a choice, it was actually the perfect choice for setting in motion all that followed because, for me, the frequency there is of lack and not abundance, at least in my experience. So, it triggered my ego response to that gridline of consciousness first, and then the foods triggered the rest of my response. Ingenious.

2 thoughts on “H’oponopono Spiritual Practice Helps

  1. I loved this article. It clearly expresses the importance of assuming our own weaknesses or lower vibrational choices allowing ourselves and understand that we co-create what we live.

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  2. Thank you Lewis. I like to look at it as assuming my own humanity. I also love the big picture. For me, that broad view of this time on earth is that, in the end, only kindness matters. We may stumble, fall, wallow in the fall, etc. and yet, in the heart of the Divine, we still beat steady and strong. There will be a rising up of the Spirit always.

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