Spiritual Gypsy Time

The Spiritual Gypsy Existence

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Simplicity as a Spiritual Path
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In a way, I’ve always been sort of a spiritual gypsy on this earth. I’ve never truly felt at home and, really, how could I? The best any of us have done, in my own awareness, is forget where we truly came from, beyond form.

I could never really forget. I know I’m not the only one that had thin veils between this world and the world of non-form. I know that there are many, many others who did have thicker veils and separation who are now seeing through all that and remembering, aha, this is not who I am. This body is not who I AM.

These days, it’s far less about what I’m doing and where I am on the planet than it is about just holding on to the Truth of who I AM in this form.

For me, that involves being aware of the illusion that I am typing something right now, that my eyes are seeing something being typed and that somewhere other than here, you are now reading what appears to have been typed.

Somehow, in remembering the holographic nature of it all, and remembering the I AM within that illusion of reality, I am remaining True to my Self.

It is a full-time job to stay in this place through the illusion of a 24-hour day on this hologram of a planet. Somehow, that’s the most important thing for me right now. To stay True.

I feel like a spiritual gypsy because I have pared down my life to what I can get in my car. I know people who have pared down to two suitcases or even to a backpack. All around me, in the spiritual communities of the planet, I hear of people leaving houses and jobs and the other illusionary forms of life on earth. I hear about people who are just walking away, fearful or fearless, walking away and toward…..

I don’t know that any of us fully “get” what it is we are walking toward and, in fact, creating with each focused and mindful step away from what has been and toward what we all knew could be. If we can imagine it, that isn’t really it. It’s beyond the mind and the emotions, it’s beyond whatever we have created thusfar. And the only way to bring it into manifestation on the earth is to keep taking that present, mindful step.

How hard it can be to just focus on the step we are taking, not even the next step.

I always heard we should just focus on the task in front of us, the next step. It isn’t even that. It’s the very breath coming into the lungs now….looking ahead to even see where my foot will fall on the next step is prohibited at this frequency. I find this degree of nowness to be very challenging.

I offer no solutions to the challenge at this point. I just know it’s what I must do. Stay here. Right here now. Present with whatever comes in at this moment and releasing all else.

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