Spiritual Challenge of Change

The Spiritual Challenge of Change
I can feel it coming…

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I can feel it coming in the air tonight….thanks, Phil Collins
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True spiritual change that is coming can be felt….literally, in the air. In the breath. In the heartbeat.

This post was in response to my sister, going through some amazing spiritual shifts and, at the same time, coping with her daugher’s health challenges…..

Change has to happen inside before we can see it outside….. this I know. Our outer world is the reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. to change that, we have to start within, one thought and belief at a time.

I’ve been on that journey most of my life.

Still not a master, ha.

Still chopping wood and carrying water, but with a little more consciousness and awareness. That’s progress.

Oh, how I resonate with the words of Kahlil Gibran about the children. That your chidren are not yours but something that comes through you, a unique expression of the divine, born with all they need to fulfill their own destiny….a destiny that parents do not often glimpse.

There is nothing wrong here. The best time for me to remind myself of that when all appearances scream that something is, indeed, very wrong.

Yesterday, I was fairly sure i was going insane. Today, I realize it was only change. I’ve prayed for this change for a year and now it is here and my ego says “whoa, why so fast?”

Ha. I can feel it coming … oops, it’s here.

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