Planning in the Now

Choosing in Spite of the Ego’s Plan

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Ego interference on the spiritual path
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I am now unincumbered by debt, other than my monthly cell phone bill and car insurance payment.

Someone assumed the mortgage on my home last week. This is the home where I had planned to open a spiritual retreat center before my rural neighbors decided to build three large chicken houses across the road.

This is the second time in four years that I’ve sold a property purchased for the purpose of offering heaing services and retreats. It’s time to get a clue.

So….I am free of that debt, responsibility and plan.


It is setting in that one of the reasons I buy things and get involved with this or that is because I have trouble just doing nothing. I also realize that doing nothing in between the doings of something is the most important thing of all. That and staying present.

I have no direction yet from the Divine and am striving above all else not to drop into yet another “project” that is coming from an ego place so I’m not looking very far ahead.

Today, I’m taking my mom to the doctor for a follow up on some tests. Tomorrow, I am thinking of calling a friend who asked me to come help her simplify her own life by selling some things not needed and restructuring.

After that, another friend has asked if I’d come to visit her in a location about 2 hours south of the first friend. (this feels aligned since both stops are on the way further toward Gulf Shores and that’s where I was thinking of ending up for a little while)…..all just very loose plans and based on everyone involved as well as whatever else comes into the mix from elsewhere.

I somehow get that having nothing and doing nothing at this point in my life, and even at this point in the evolution of the planet, may be the most powerful way to walk. Staying present, attaching to as little as possible, and staying open to moment to moment guidance.

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