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Starry, Starry Nights

Lyrics of Starry, Starry Night copyright, Don McLean

This morning, I had the words of Don McLean’s “Starry, Starry Night” on my mind.

I was thinking how appropo they were to the challenging path of the Lightworker who awakens earlier in their family unit than the rest.

“how you suffered for your sanity”

It’s a little easier for Lightworkers now…. there is more information and more acceptance of what used to be considered very “far out” ideas about reality.

However, for most of us who have been at this game of sharing spiritual awakening since 1987, a common thread has been concern among our friends or family unit that we are out of touch with reality or have something a little bit (or a whole lot) wrong with us.

This is because of a lot of differences, one in particular is the hypersensitivity we often exhibit that can get labeled medically in a lot of quite negative ways. Another big difference for many Light Workers was that we came in with empathic gifts which made us severely aware of and affected by the pain of others in a way that our family did not understand.

“how you tried to set them free”

Don’t all of us want all of us
To be free from suffering?
Free from hell, here and hereafter?

Isn’t it the goal of every born-again Christian, every practicing Buddhist, every devout Catholic, every ecstatic charismatic to set us all free from thinking that keeps us from knowing who we are as children of the One?

Who are we to say?
Maybe our error has been in adding our own spin rather than just wanting each soul to wake up to their own divine path and vision. Freedom to be who we are. I see a window into a new way of relating, each beaming the Light of their own level of consciousness without manipulation, personal preference for result, or need to change anything at all.

Anyway, I walked into a Rite-Aid drugstore and was looking at the cd’s. Guess what song was playing? Yep. Starry, Starry Night.

Then, I went to visit my brother and family. Out of nowhere, my brother sings “Starry, Starry Night”. I sat there, feeling the power of three and knowing I was seeing something larger than I can post about today.

“they would not listen, they did not know how”

Isn’t it the ones we love the most that we most want to save from suffering and pain? How alone we can feel when we are the only one that seems to be pointing toward a way of thinking and living that could release our loved ones from internal stress and suffering.

What if it isn’t our call?
What if the path to enlightenment looks a lot like the path to suffering sometimes? What if there is as much to learn from allowing as attempting to shift a path that we know will lead to suffering? Instead of comparing and casting stones of judgment, what would happen if I simply embraced the Light I know lives within each being and focused on that in a surrendered way? What if I supported the Light Within and focused less on the behavior of the moment?

What if we don’t even know the right call?
Who am I, to decide that any other person’s path to enlightenment is wrong for them? Or that it will not weave it’s way God-ward to home in the end? If all I ever do is shine the Light of I AM into the world, and never look for the Light of I AM that is already present within each soul, how much I miss!

How they suffered for their sanity
How they tried to set me free
I would not listen
I did not know how
Perhaps I’ll listen now

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