Reluctantly Going with the Flow

Goin’ a Little Nuts Just Hanging out

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The Spiritual Challenge of Having Nothing to Do

content copyright, Neva. J. Howell, all rights reserved

For the past week, I’ve been on vacation.

I’ve been enjoying a beautiful time at the ocean and enjoying visiting with family too, family who live here near the ocean and other family also here on vacation.

My computer hasn’t been working so I have had no specific work I could do, not even answering email.

Just enjoying the ocean…
Eating when I’m hungry….
Sleeping when I’m tired….
Hanging out with family
Going with the flow

I’ve always known I preferred keeping busy and yet, it surprises me how hard it can be to simply relax into not having an agenda or plan.

The parallel for my life from a spiritual perspective is that it is often just as challenging for me to “wait thou upon the lord” when things are not, or do not seem to be, happening the way I think they should be happening.

The lesson I’m repeatedly learning, as I let more and more structure fall away, is how to just Be.

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