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by Neva J. Howell

My Earlier Experience with Arginine:

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I mentioned in an earlier post that I had previously taken another product created by this same company which makes the Cardio Cocktail.  That product is called Argenix and it worked marvelously well for me. In fact, I feel it may have saved my life.

The principal ingredient in Argenix, at in my opinion, is a therapeutic dose of arginine, an amino acid that helps the body produce nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is very significant for cardiovascular health.

Arginine supplementation for a healthier heart is something I didn’t know about until I was in a crisis situation.

This was about, I guess, four or five years ago. I feel I may have been headed for a heart attack at that time. I was having all the symptoms, including pain down the left arm, shortness of breath when walking, pinching feeling in chin (classic heart attack symptom in women), enormous fatique, etc.

I went to a walk-in emergency clinic and told the doctor my symptoms. He wanted me to let him call an ambulance for the 2 mile drive to the hospital. He didn’t want me driving.

I did anyway. I’m stubborn like that. Instead of going to the hospital, I went to a natural health professional who performed applied kinesiology. The results of that session confirmed what I thought was going on and I asked what she suggested. She said Argenix.

I am absolutely sure that supplementation with Argenix helped to save my life. My chest pain went away with only a couple of doses, in fact, and I was able to walk without giving out or feeling pressure on my chest. A subsequent kinesiology testing showed that the formula was working as well.

When I did take the PulseWave test and the representative saw my results, she commented that most people who do as well as I did, at my age, are people who have previously taken the Argenix. I could believe that.

So why not just take the argenix? Well, I’m considering that. I think I might except for some pretty important differences….the cocktail has some powerful stuff in it that the Argenix does not have….Perilla oil for those important Omega 3-6-9’s, mangosteen juice, acai juice and a large dose of Vitamin D3. I’ve been reading research on this vitamin and the implications for preventing cancers of many kinds.

Also, if the EDTA is not causing my symptoms then everything else I’ve read points to it being a very potent ingredient to include and I’d hate to miss the benefits of chelation unless it just will not work for me.

So….I will give the cocktail more time. I will report honestly. And if I feel it’s in my best interest to do so, I’ll switch back to the Argenix.

I have an entire section on arginine supplementation if you have herpes or shingles and would encourage you to read that section before taking Arginex, Cardio Cocktail or other arginine supplements at the doses needed to help your heart.

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