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Can Lyme Disease Be Addressed Through Natural Remedies?

I’ve been asked about Lyme Disease recently and wanted to mention that many suggest the same chelators that work for removing heavy metals may help with lyme disease. I believe I have heavy metals toxicity because of amalgam tooth fillings and also because I eat a lot of fish, and used to eat a lot of canned tuna before I found out it is pretty toxic with mercury.

However, not everyone believes this is the best approach for lymes so read the info on this woman’s blog on lyme’s disease too. She talks about pca-rx as well as other chelators. If you want to try the detox approach, there is some information on supplements that may be helpful here: detox amalgam mercury

Symptoms of Lyme Disease:
Not a complete list. Check with doctor if you suspect Lyme Disease because many of the common symptoms may also indicate other health conditions.

Early symptoms of lyme disease are often over-looked. These include a flu-like feeling, a stiff neck, aches and pains and fatique. Fever may often be present. The characteristic Lyme Disease Rash may or may not be present and, when present, may appear long enough after the bite that it is not attributed to a tick bite. See pictures of lyme disease rash

Later, more serious symptoms of lyme’s may emerge which can include, but are not limited to, serious fatique, pinkeye, heart flutterings, muscle paralysis of face, numbness in legs or arms, persistent headaches, etc.

The final, most serious third stage of lyme disease can cause brain, joint or nervous system damage, Bell’s Palsy, memory problems, heart symptoms and swollen, painful joints. Early diagnosis with Lyme Disease and early treatment may help keep you from reaching the third stage.

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