Herpes-Related Complications

Additional problems linked to Herpes Simplex Infection
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Herpes-Related Complications

This is part four of a series on HSV-1, HSV-2 and Herpes Zoster.

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Herpes-Related Complications
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In addition to the other conditions now believed to be linked to herpes simplex infections, there is new evidence that even more health situations may have HSV as an underlying factor.

Herpes and Alzheimer’s link studied.

Other potential herpes-related complications that anyone with a compromised immune system and HSV infection should note include arthritis, increased risk of cancer of the throat, ulcers in the stomach lining, certain types of kidney disease and blood disease, and inflammation of the cardiovascular arteries. Although these, like Herpes Encephalitis, are considered rare, they pose a greater threat to those with a compromised immune system so should be ruled out if symptoms warrant such evaluation.

The point I’m trying to make here is that this virus, herpes simplex, and all it’s strains are not just std’s. They are systemic infections that can cause far-reaching and very dangerous health problems if not managed carefully.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a proponent of prescription drugs. I suspect that Valtrex will present with some side effects in the future that are not now known, and I sincerely hope I’m wrong about that. My path to healing has always been the natural healing path. Luckily, nature does have some of the most potent antiherpetic substances on earth.

Essential oils for herpes work so well for so many because eo’s can pass the blood/brain barrier, which means rapid absorption and assimilation.

Whether you choose natural herpes remedies or prescription drugs to treat herpes, the most vital point is that it should be treated and treated agressively.

I’ve added an entire section on the herpes simplex virus over at the wellness library. You can start on that series here:

Herpes Infections Information

And rather than jump on the fear bandwagon of Valtrex and the drug companies, let’s arm ourselves with information and take aggressive action to stop herpes now.

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