Fast-Flowing River of Awakening

Are we in the Fast-Flowing River the Hopi Nation Predicted?
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I was talking with my friend Cathy, from Heartwood Sanctuary, about the amazing amount of rain we’ve received over the past few weeks. Days and days of rainfall, steady as a heartbeat. Cathy mentioned the Hopi Prophecy about earth’s people reaching the point in the acceleration and awakening process where it would be as if we were moving in a fast-flowing river. The days or rain were good meditation on that subject. I’ve shared Cathy’s own meditation journal notes below and wanted also to share a few of my own.

I went to visit a local water fall, Desoto Falls, to see the effects of all the rainfall. It was truly tremendous, the difference. As I stood there, watching the rushing water pummeling the air as it dropped over the rocks, down the side and into the pool far below. I began to ponder the analogy to life and awakening, for myself and as it related to my own walk.

I could see that the middle of the stream was ruthless, aggressively pressured and unstoppable. To dive into that stream would get you to the bottom pool more quickly. However, with speed came a lot of roughness and not much time to enjoy the journey. On the other hand, I noticed streams of water on the edges that were taking the journey more slowly, dancing and flowing across the rocks just at the edge of the wild and rough center. Still further out there were pools where the water had stopped entirely, as if to rest.

As I looked further out to where I stood on the edge, I was bothered by the idea that the fast-flowing river was still a structure and that I had, somewhere in my awareness, a truth beyond structures. How to get to that….how to articulate, live and breathe in that….I’m not sure.

Ah, one thing I see….I was already in the river. Deciding to observe the phenomenon of the flow of awakening while in it, took me out of it. I became aware of myself, standing on the banks of the river. Something about that decision and what if everyone is doing that …. coming out of the river long enough to see how we are navigating it. What happens when I don’t come out of it at all, just keep flowing and trusting?

Here are Cathy’s musings on the fast-flowing river analogy:
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The Hopi Prophecy of us being in a fast-flowing river right now seems true on all levels of our lives. We are being asked to check with our relationship with water. When we approach the fast-flowing river how are we prepared?

Guest Article – Heartwood Sanctuary
From my meditation journal:

Only take with you that what does not weigh you down. The more that you lighten your load before you get into the water, the easier your trip down stream will be.

(Note from Neva: “Simplify your life”. If there’s been one message I’ve gotten more consistently than any other in the past few years it is SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. Release what you do not use or need, release patterns of being and believing that are cluttering your light path.)

You can be safe and also be moving fast in the river right now. This is not contradictory.

Keep your feet in front of you. This is the way that experienced fast water river people know to move.

Allow yourself to be cleansed by the water. The water can wash away all that is no longer needed, the past hurts, the material things that tie us to the shore. Know that you can float and there is no reason to struggle.

(Note from Neva: The more I remember how the universe works, the more I realize that all struggle delays perfect flow. We can learn from stuggle, certainly ….. and, it slows down our process.)

Be at ease with all that you do. You might not know where the river is taking you, but leave anxiety on the shore.

(Note from Neva: I so resonate with that one. Everytime I think I know what is happening, I know also I’ve gone from my heart to my mind. For me, it’s a subtle shift I don’t aways recognize and that it’s become important to monitor)

Have a sense of preparation for what is around the bend; this is different from being in fear about the unknown. You might hear the loud rush of the water going over the falls before you get there, but this is only to help you prepare emotionally, physically and spiritually.

There is a moment when you go over the falls that you have let go, give up control and trust. This is one of the clearest things that you can do for yourself in these times.

Ask for support, assistance, guidance when you need it. Call out in your own way. Support will be given to you. It might not appear in ways that you expect. Keep your eyes open and your head above water. Balance the time that you kick out and move into slower moving water.

(Note from Neva: This resonates too, going back to my noticing the slower moving water to the edges of the deluge and even those still pools of water, resting.)

It is okay to rest, but is also fine to see that the fast moving water can energize you to new action.
Give thanks and assist those around you.

Thank you, Cathy, for these words of wisdom.

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