Vital Spiritual Questions

Questions We Should Ask, From the Hopi Elders
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5 Questions for the Spiritually Conscious Being

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This is a follow-up to an earlier post, about the prophecy of the Hopi Elders in which they refer to these times we live in as a river flowing very fast.

So what do the Hopi say about these times we live in now?  Basically they ask us to examine our lives for a moment (when I stood above the rushing falls and looked at what the water was doing at different places within the flow, I was doing this (because of my intent to view the rushing water as a metaphor for the spiritual climate at a global level) and noticing that I felt I had taken myself out of the flow completely.

Perhaps this is necessary to understand where we have been and where we are going now.  The Elders seem to say so.  They ask us to consider:

Where are you living?

I have very diligently looking at where I am choosing to live because the flow of a place in this river of transformation depends on the souls gathered there.  So, I am looking at where, on this delicious earth, I can find the folks who match my rhythm of transformative flow.

I also look at this question in terms of the frequency at which I am choosing to vibrate.  In a sense, this is where I really live, regardless of where I am on the earth.  The higher I can keep my frequency, the more I feel in the flow of effortless and joyful transformation.  The more I drop into lower frequencies such as fear, doubt, worry, anger, guilt, shame or pain, the less connected to the flow of life I feel.

What are you doing?

How I choose to spend my time has been less of a focus for me than where and I feel it’s time I gave this question more serious consideration.  How am I utilizing the Lightforce energy of the I AM in me?

What are your relationships?

I am acutely working this question.  I have let go of some Sacred, Sweet and very long-standing relationships lately.  One, in particular, was a surprise to me and yet the message was clear.  Any old patterns of relating that refuse to shift mean the relationship is stalled and must be let go of until such time as the matching of rhythm might occur again.

Where is your water?

I became clear on this one while watching the falls.  As I noticed the way the water was behaving, based on where and how it decided to flow, I realized that the way I choose to allow flow in my own life determines where my water (which I interpret in this case to be my life force energy) to flow as well.

Know your garden.

Not really a question yet births one. What am I creating with my energy?

This one resonates strongly with my path for the past year as well.  I consider my own garden to be those places, events, situations and people where I invest energy toward transformation.  By weeding out those expenses of energy that are not yielding transformative result, I am a responsible steward of my gifts.

The Hopi Elders also wisely advise that these are times for speaking our own truth instead of repeating someone else’s or saying we don’t know.  We are to look within and find the leader within us, rather than seeking an outside teacher with our answers.

Releasing this concept of struggling thru life and struggling toward transformation, the Elders invite us to celebrate this exciting and evolutionary time.

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