A Tribute to my Mother

The Power of a Compassionate Life

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Who is Waking Up the Planet Now?

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I went to bed last night, thinking of events happening far away. I read about these Sacred ceremonies, where shamans and prophets from all over are meeting, communicating about spiritual truth, holding sacred ceremony.

In the past, such reports would have made me wonder what I’m really doing with my own life. I used to be quite public and involved in a way that I now am not at all. I went to bed thinking of this and wondering why I did not feel called to participate any longer in such a way.

I woke thinking of my mother, who has never attended a high meeting of the minds and hearts such as those happening in different ceremonies around the world right now. I thought of how she went through each day in a compassionate, loving way. I thought of the immeasurable impact her consistently loving, patient and caring acts has impacted the lives of all around her.

My mother, getting the grandkids ready for school, being there when they get off the bus every day, washing their clothes, caring for them when they are ill. There will probably never be books written about her or the millions of other compassionate souls simply living and being in their lives with peace, and reaching out to their small circle in love.

Mother Theresa had a vast mission that touched many. Yet, how can I know what the impact will be for the few that my mother consistently cared for? Her life, itself, is was ceremony; a sacred, profoundly spiritual path.

It matters not where we are on the planet or whether anyone ever knows about us. What matters is a compassionate heart. Those who have that are my spiritual heroes.

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