Matrix Energetics Two-Point

Understanding the two-point and seeing I made it much too hard

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by Neva J. Howell

Getting the meaning of a weak quantum measurement

My favorite Matrix Energetics Product – I love this cd set because it was taped at an M.E. seminar so you get the energy of that, Richard’s voice, several live encodings, etc. Highly recommended to get you into the Matrix Energetics morphic field quickly!

The first Matrix Energetics event I attended covered levels 1, 2 and 3 in 5 intense days. I left there having more information than my conscious mind could handle and lacking the wisdom to let my conscious mind off the hook about it.

Although I had amazing success with two-points occasionally, more than not they did not work. So I tried harder. Ha.

The next time I experienced Matrix Energetics was a year later, in Atlanta, Georgia. I only took level one and wow, what a difference.

For those unfamiliar with Matrix Energetics, it’s a consciousness technology taught by Richard Bartlett. The foundation of this technology is called a two-point. To two-point something, you start with one point in the morphic field and then find another point to measure from that first point. It makes no sense that this would do anything at all, yet what it changes can be everything.

I tried too hard. I would carefully find my first point, not sure why I was choosing it or how to find the second one. Then, I’d struggle with Richard’s terms about finding a point that felt ridgid and then another that made it more so.

While watching him again in Atlanta, I realized this way seemed to be part of his chiropractic background, as far as finding points on the body to measure. He would pick a place where a person’s body didn’t move easily and then find another point that made that lack of movement more pronounced. Finally, I heard him when he said “this is just the way I made it up”.



I didn’t have to “make it up” that way.

Two-pointing started working for me the moment I got that and also got that the weaker I made the measurement, the better it worked. I had been trying to literally visualize a line going from one point to the other. Now, I just touch two spaces, assume it’s measured and focus more on dropping into the heart space and then getting out of the way.

How do I get out of the way? Well, one time I started inwardly singing oh,ee,oh,ee,oh. It is a catchy line from a song in an old Prince movie, Purple Rain I think.

Girl, I’ve been watching you. I think I wanta know you. oh, ee, oh, ee, oh.

What happened was amazing. The moment I gave my left brain something to do and forgot about the two-point I had just performed, the person on the table yelled incredibly loud, like you yell when you are riding a roller-coaster. She later told me she saw a horse appear in front of her and then, all of a sudden, she was soaring thru the universe. She grabbed hold of the horse’s mane so that she wouldn’t just soar out of the universe, or so it felt to her.

Since then, she tells me her reality is different, less restricted in certain ways. More free.

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