The in-between perspective

What is in-between the reality you habitually see?

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More to the story of reality…

A lot of epiphany moments seem to come to me in the dead of night. Maybe it’s because most of the collective consciousness in the geographical area where I reside has quieted. I don’t know. Anyway, lying in bed in the midst of the night, I suddenly saw something.

I saw reality, as I habitually viewed it. Then, I saw, between the lines of that, another reality.

I saw that there were those like me. There were those who had found a way to create and bring into solid reality, a different way.

It is difficult to articulate all that information and awareness that came with that split-second glimpse into an alternate reality but what I am left with is an instruction:

In order to see a different reality, I have to “see” in a new way. I have to look where I have not been looking. I have to see what is in the spaces between what I consider every day reality.

No small order.

The “truth” of what is assails. It hits me the moment I awake and hounds me mercilessly. Those who have designed and defined mainstream reality have done a very good job. They have convinced the masses that they MUST work to have insurance. They MUST work to have a roof over their heads. They MUST work to have a car, and food, and college for their children.


How did we get so far from farming the land to provide, because we loved the earth and respected it, to what is happening today?

Useless inquiry, I know.

More useful… how can we return to that space where the Earth provides? Where life is sustained by life? Where moments spent in communion with nature reward us with nature’s bounty?

I believe we can return. If I didn’t, I’d leave this earth today. But how? How do we restore respect for the Earth and all her inhabitants? All I can do is what I can do. Maybe, it matters.

It sounds so silly and airy-fairy but … It seems the best way to imprint a new reality is to imagine it. Imagine fully and completely, the reality one wants.

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