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  1. I’ve had herpes outbreaks periodically. Lysine didn’t help, but improving my health over all has (long story).
    But when I wanted to try l-arginine supplements, I was worried it would resurface. I thought “now we’ll test that old chestnut” and took 5g l-arginine daily while the bottle lasted.
    Nothing – nada. Bubkas.
    And if my 5g couldn’t stimulate it, how is a handful of nuts going to do it?
    Here’s the thing – just because depletion of l-arginine inhibits HHV, it does not follow that extra l-arginine stimulates it. In fact, greater immune activity due to greater NO production may well suppress it by another route.
    As for the l-arginine – why spend money on Viagra, the effect of l-arginine was as effective, longer lasting, and more easily controlled.

  2. George:

    Thanks so much for posting your experience with Arginine.

    In reviewing my own experience, it appears to me that it was a combination of Arginine at high doses plus stress for three days that pushed my immune system into manifesting a fever blister.

    You post an interesting point that I had not voiced. It may well be true that an error is being made in assuming that just because the absense of arginine seems to inhibit HHV, more of it will cause HHV outbreaks.

    For those who don’t know what NO production means in the comment George made, it stands for Nitric Oxide. Google it because this is an important factor in cardiovascular health. The reason many people have heart attacks in the early morning hours, in their sleep, is because they don’t have enough nitric oxide.

    My benefits on argenix, the arginine supplement I took and about which I’ve posted so much, were phenomenal as well. I found I had a very marked increase in energy and stamina, slept better and just felt better.

    Since I’m not a man, I can’t testify to the Viagra-like response so I’m glad we have at least one man who will speak to that benefit as well.

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