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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Important Health Disclaimer – Please Read

This health and wellness information is NOT intended to replace any needed medical testing.

If you suspect you have a health challenge or disease of any kind, get the proper diagnostic testing done so that you know what you are dealing with and can make informed choices as to treatment approach.

In all cases, if you are under a doctor’s care for any health challenge at all, ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before adding anything new to your health regimen.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you are on prescription meds, I strongly advise you to talk to your doctor and your pharmacist about any natural remedies you want to take. Bring the ingredient list for the formula or supplement to your doctor, and get approval before taking with prescription drugs. Rule out prescription drug side effects and interactions before taking any natural remedies!

You should also ALWAYS talk to your doctor before…

1. Drinking structured, altered or alkaline water – Your doctor may have some reason for not wanting your system to be alkaline or more easily hydrated.

2. Listening to any type of sound therapy, especially if you have epilepsy or have seizures or any type of brain condition – Certain brain wave frequencies may be unacceptable – binuaural beats, hypnosis, brainwave recordings at different bandwidths, etc.

3. Undergoing a detox or internal cleanse of any type, particularly if you have ANY sort of colon health challenge. When considering a detox program, be sure to check potential side effects of every ingredient. Choosing a detox formula with fewer ingredients may be best if you have a sensitive or very toxic system.

In addition, talk to your doctor before taking or using the following:

Herbal Remedies
Vitamins or Minerals
Ayurvedic Formulas
Homeopathic Formulas
Nutritional Programs Designed for Health
Nutritional Supplements
Spiritually Energized Tools
Aromatherapy Oils
Body Wraps
Therapeutic Bath Salts
Herbal Teas
Liquid Nutritionals
Detox Programs
or any other type of natural remedy of any kind

Talk to your doctor before….

1. Eating foods that may interact with medications, particularly high-nutrition whole food formulas.

2. Undergoing a diet, taking a weight loss product or starting any type of fitness program.

3. Using any type of machine that exercises for you, or stimulates lymph flow or in any way causes movement to joints, back or other parts of the body.

About the Health Information on This Blog:

The health information posted at Healthy Choices emerges from the way I live my own life and the way I experience life as a spiritual being. I have a very clear focus – natural healing thru nutrition, spiritual balance and natural supplements and education about both natural and western medicine topics.

Since being an adult, I’ve rarely gone to doctors, except for diagnostic testing. The only other reason I would go to a medical doctor was if I felt I had let some condition go until it was life-threatening or if I had an acute injury requiring surgery. If you regularly see a medical doctor when experiencing health issues, we are already in very different mindsets.

I would ask you to take responsibility for your decisions, should you choose to explore this approach to wellness, the natural approach. You are in charge of your life. You are responsible for what you take away from here and how you use it. Accept that responsibility or find a more mainstream, medically focused health blog. Thank you.

My Approach to Wellness is Based on the Following Ideas:

The body has an innate ability to heal itself. Natural approaches are aimed at balancing core, or cellular imbalances within the body. As a result, they help the body do what it is designed to do, when combined with healthy living otherwise.

There are emotional, mental and spiritual factors in every manifestation of illness or accident and, if these factors are not also addressed, any healing will be temporary and the condition will re-create in some fashion.

I believe diagnostic testing is valuable in some cases, as long as the patient does not then get pulled into the morphic field of western medicine which would say there are only certain options available for addressing what the diagnosis reveals.

I believe that accepting the morphic field of disease and the restricted view of options is not valuable if the goal is to assist the body back to balance and health.

Medical morphic fields (energetic fields that impact and influence the vulnerable patient, created by the belief system of all who espouse them – medical doctors, nurses, etc.) around naming and categorizing diseases, may actually help to freeze the body into that disease and treatment model.

Why I Don’t Use Prescription Drugs:

Prescription drugs, though sometimes temporarily helpful for bringing about and enforcing a state of controlled balance, usually create an over-acid ph and / or dependence. Taken long term, many prescription drugs are hard on the liver and kidneys. Taken long term, prescription drugs may artificially control a health condition until the body is no longer capable of balancing itself without the drugs.

Most prescription drugs are designed to artificially control some aspect of internal balance. Most prescription drugs do not cure a condition or disease but manage symptoms.

More on prescription drugs: Off-Label Prescribing > Sleep Aid Side Effects > Prescription Drug Recalls

Using Natural Remedies and Drugs, a Dubious Mix:

Because natural remedies do some of the same things prescription drugs do, albeit in a more core, cellular and therefore slower manner, they can rarely ever be taken with prescription drugs for the same condition.

Why I cannot suggest herbal remedies or other natural remedies if a person is taking prescription drugs: Using Herbal Remedies and Prescription Drugs Together

When I Believe Seeing a Doctor is a Great Idea:

If you are afraid a natural remedy will not work, need someone to tell you what to do, or have a strong belief in the medical system, seeing a doctor is probably exactly the right thing for you. If you’re already seeing a doctor and taking medications, talking to your doctor before adding anything natural is VITAL.

There are times, when disease has progressed to dangerous levels and when belief systems interfere with taking a natural approach, when the best option for a person is western medicine, prescription medications, surgery or other allopathic medicine treatments.

It’s up to each individual to decide if their own health challenge has progressed to the point where medical intervention to stabilize the system is necessary.

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