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General Health Questions and Spirited Guidance Posts

These are posts that do not necessarily fit into any particular category. They range from spiritual to physical, mental, emotional health questions and comments. I’m doing my best to divide the comments into those that relate more to health on a physical level and those that are more concerned with spiritual aspects of health and wellness. However, review both sections or use the search option for topics that interest you.

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Is Prometa an effective drug addiction treatment?

What are some of the risks associated with prometa?

The post on prometa for drug addiction has proven to be one of our most popular sections, with many comments. Below are are links to a few of the comments, including some from a person who promotes prometa and believes in it as an effective drug addiction treatment:

One of the best threads to read comes from Jim D. He is a provider of prometa and gives an inside perspective on the use of prometa to fight drug addiction. Can he provide unbiased information on the prometa protocol? Read the comments and judge for yourself:

Jim D’s first post, commenting as a Prometa Provider and my concerns about off-label combination

Jim response to off-label concerns and I agree to disagree

Jim on the nuts and bolts of prometa and clarifying the 60 minutes report information on prometa. That last comment also addresses the cost aspect and how insurances are responding and what other help may be available for those seeking help thru the prometa protocol.

Reaching out into the community for help with drug addiction, Nicole posts….. Prometa comment 1 and My response

Prometa comment 2 on the different types of drug addiction therapies available and my response

Prometa comment 3 on the need for addiction therapy that is tailored for each individual and my response

Health, nutrition, healing tips and natural wellness posts

Snacking the Healthy Way to Start the Day – Breakfast snacks that help you start your day with energetic support for getting things done.

Stretching Exercises to Start the Day – I may not be much at exercise. However, I’ve been doing some form of stretching every night and day for years now. It really makes a good difference.

Help for Chronic Back Pain – If you suffer with chronic back pain, this post may offer some helpful guidance toward relief.

About the Nutritional Formula Adyaya – What Adyaya is and the benefits you may receive by adding it to your daily health regimen.

What you should know about Dioxin – If you have questions or concerns about dioxin, this post will help you understand what you need to know. Is dioxin a health threat? Find out.

If you eat beef, you have healthier options – Steriods, hormones and chemical additives have resulted in beef that is just not healthy to eat. Personally, I don’t eat beef anymore anyway. If I still did though, I’d choose the healthiest meat I could find.

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The Health Benefits of Honey – Honey is a very versatile food and offers a host of benefits beyond simple nutrition.

Evaluating the cause of smoking and irregular heartbeat If you smoke and you have been diagnosed with atrial fibrosis, please read this important article on the link between the two.

New Testing Option for Atrial Fibrillation and Arrythmyia:
Outpatient testing for afib

How to prevent osteoporosis – Bone loss is highly preventable with the right nutrition. Learn how to prevent or reverse osteoporosis.

Pain Relief for CTS – The pain of CTS can be debilitating to the point of losing the ability to use your wrists. Find out how to relieve the pain of carpal tunnel.

Does being heavy equal being unhealthy? – For ages, poor health and being overweight have been linked. New evidence suggests that isn’t entirely a true causal link.

Related Weight Loss Information: Do Body Wraps Work?

Natural Cardiovascular Health Care

Antibotic resistance a reality with MRSA – Strains of staph that antibiotics are not stopping – why is this happening and what can be done?

Before you nuke that popcorn…. – Harmful changes in popcorn after it’s been in the microwave should make you think twice before nuking again.

Can your children be required to be vaccinated? – Have you been told your children must be vaccinated, by law? There is a way out if you don’t want this to happen.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid gland – What to look for when the thyroid gland malfunctions or begins to function below healthy levels.

Find symptoms for other health conditions here:

Symptoms of Herpes Simplex Virus

Symptoms of Parasites

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

Recall of Meditronic Devices

Water is Unusual Causative Link to Parkinson’s

Is fatique normal after a foot reflexology treatment?

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