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Inspirational and Educational Wellness Information

Quite often, I come across interesting articles on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing as well as the many articles I write myself for the Wellness Blog. I want to share both here at the Wellness Blog.

In fact, I regularly make a habit of searching out inspirational wisdom, both to uplift myself and keep me in a positive state of mind and also to offer for the benefit of my readers.

This is an ongoing articles page and I’ll be adding new health and spirit info as I write it or find it online.

I also have additional articles posted at the wellness library: spiritual health articles and wellness articles.

It is faster to post articles here on the wellness blog so there will be more added here from now on.

Right now, you will find wellness and spiritual information on the topics listed below.

If you don’t see your topic and you’d like to see an article on a particular subject, please let me know.

My email address is askme at askahealer dot com

The River of Awakening – The Hopi predicted these times would come and they say the times are here. Are you hanging on to the side, standing on the shore, diving deep into the current or surfing the outside swell of transformation?
Awakening Souls, Ask These Questions – If we are swimming in this vast river of transformation, there are questions that can help us decide where and how we are going to make the journey.
Lyme’s Disease Information – Covers the symptoms of lyme disease, which is caused by a tick bite, as well as treatments for lyme disease.
Herpes Virus: More than an STD – If you have herpes, you will want to read this information. Beyond just being a nusiance to your lovelife, herpes has the potential of becoming a systemic threat.
Potential herpes complications
Can herpes affect cardiovascular health?
Herpes may be systemic
Why we get constipated
Eating healthy to detox the body
Wisdom from a peace pilgrim
A Soul-Led Life is Healthy
Interview with Dr. William G. von Peters
Which yoga is best for your body
Healthy Body; Hydrated Body
Stay health with these newletter tips
What you can’t hear can hurt you
Extreme Low Frequency Waves
Coral calcium information
Is calcium the only coral mineral?

Series of Articles on Building Greenhouses:
Series on creating your own greenhouse
Make the right choice in a greenhouse – There are a lot of different types of greenhouses. Helpful tips on choosing the right greenhouse plan for your needs.
Are you ready for a commercial greenhouse? – If you are thinking about growing produce commercially, in a larger greenhouse, read about commercial greenhouses here.
Solar Greenhouse types
Greenhouse basics
What are hoop house greenhouses?
Kits for building greenhouses

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