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Health Questions, Section 5

I am compiling archives for health questions as I find the time. Below are blurbs about different health-related posts.

Getting sick from foods – Information about illnesses that may be contracted thru foodbourne bacteria and toxins.
Prescription Drug Cautions – What you should know if you are on premarin or avandia.
Can you take too much vitamin D – D3 is in the news lately, as an important supplement to add but is autotoxification a concern?
Do you have neck and shoulder pain? – Helpful pain-relieving tips for neck and shoulder pain.
Do you have questions about cardiovascular health? – A good resource for frequently asked questions about your heart, diabetes and other health challenges.
Does someone you love have senile dementia? – Learn about vitamin deficiencies and other contributing factors to senile dementia.
Do you have high blood sugar levels? Cinnamon has been useful for some but there are potential side effects to know about.

Information on fasting and detoxing
– Is fasting safe? How to detox safely.

Is MSM safe?
– Information about the natural anti-inflammatory MSM.

Are you taking Vytorin?
– Important safety information if you are taking Vytorin.

Are you taking CT Scans Safe?
– The link between frequent CT scans and increased cancer risks.
Is bottled water safe to drink? – Bisphenol A information.
Are you chronically constipated? – Best chronic constipation helper.
Is high fructose corn syrup safe to consume – Information on unhealthy qualities of this globally added sweetener. It’s in your children’s food for a reason and that reason isn’t to keep them healthy.

Potential side effects series on herbal remedies
Is blessed thistle safe to take? – Potential side effects of blessed thistle herb.
Is milk thistle safe to take? – Potential side effects of milk thistle herb.
Is marshmallow safe to take? – Potential side effects of marshmallow leaves herb.
Is malva safe to take? – Potential side effects of malva leaves herb.
Is persimmon safe to take? – Potential side effects of persimmon leaves herb.

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