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Popular sections on herpes, detoxing, bodywraps, abundant living and creative living
Dedicated sections on particular wellness topics.
Are you a metaphysical writer? Your input requested.
An invitation from Celestine Prophecy author James Redfield
A plea for intercession on behalf of the White Buffalos
Benazir Bhutto dies Some reflection and observation
Is money going away? Is alternative currency the financial currency of our future?
The role you might play in controlling inflation. Could a personal choice have a global impact?
What is a shamanic dream and how are shamanic dreams useful? An example and how I found it useful.
Brian Deflores Information – Invitation to Transformative Events
An actor extraordinaire, an inspiration, an amazing man Jim Troesh Glows With Inspirational Courage.
Is your house on fire? Would it be better if you thought it was?
What’s all this dianetics stuff about getting clear? Enneagrams and Dianetics.
Tired of working so hard? How to work smarter.
Spiritual playtime – an exercise from Tolle Playing in the field of awareness with Eckhart.
Update to the wellness garden – detox articles added New info on symptoms of heavy metals toxicity and parasite infestations.
Your body isn’t the only thing that may need detoxing… Your home environment may need a cleanse as well
Want to say thanks to someone who changed your life for the better? Give a living rose.
4th dimension? 5th dimension? What about the 10th dimension. Hair hurting yet?
How do you learn to hear with your ears without thinking with your mind? How do you listen with your heart?
Susan dances around Europe. Of course, she’s already danced over into Mexico now. Dancing cosmic fool, that girl.
And speaking of dancing, have you seen Eli Stone? Magical stuff being broadcast.
Are you a writer or an artist? Free ebooks offered to creative folk.
Are you laughing enough? Can laughter be holy and joy a transformative wave of influence?

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