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Nutrition for a Healthier Cardiovascular System

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Featured for Clearing Arterial Plaque and restoring healthy cardiovascular function:

One of the challenges in suggesting natural approaches to a healthy heart is that so many people are already on several heart medications by the time they ask me for information.

Most doctors will not approve anything that has herbal ingredients for fear it will interact with one or more prescription drugs.

As a wellness coach, I have even more of a concern than the doctor because I’m not familiar enough with prescription drugs to even begin knowing what might cause a harmful reaction herbally.

A lot of the other heart-healthy formulas out there involve chelation substances like EDTA which can also interfere with medications.

So, about the safest option (and a person with heart disease would still need to run it by their doctor) I can, in general, suggest is a nutritional approach.

This particular formula contains vitamins the heart needs to stay healthy and function properly. There’s really nothing new about that.

What is different is the precision of amounts used, a synergistic combining of exactly the nutrients needed at the correct amounts, for the heart to clear plaque naturally. The results are impressive.

Using fiber-optic photography, the before and after pictures of a clogged artery after just six months on GHS Plus, show a clear and unmistakable reduction in arterial plaque.

Update, 2016: I’m very sorry to report that the company that sold GHS plus has decided to close. I hope this nutritional supplement will be picked up by another company soon. If that happens, I’ll update this page.

Among the reported benefits of taking GHS Plus on a regular basis:
Increased blood flow to cells
Repair of damage to arterial walls
Reduce heart attack and stroke risks over time
Assist the body in daily detoxing
Lower high blood pressure thru increased dilation of arteries
Reduce internal inflammation thru strengthening immune response
Improve heart function by raising CoQ10 levels
Reduce clumping of blood by making cells more slippery
Increase Energy with regular use
Increase antioxidant protection
Help the body prevent the build-up of new plaque
Help the body dissolve small blood clots naturally and safely
Lower C-Reactive Protein levels
Lower homocysteine levels
Reduce cholesterol levels. More on lowering cholesterol levels naturally

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