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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Natural heart health thru precise nutritional supplementation

I have been associated with a company called Good Health Supplements for many years now. Consistently, over those years, one product line has sold better than any other supplement I know about for natural heart health. Unfortunately, this company has now closed. I’m hoping someone else will take over and bring GHS Ultra back. When that happens, I will update this page.

What was so different about Good Health Supplements?

The folks at Good Health Supplements kinda figured you might be asking that so they offered a ton of information on cardiovascular health as well as a wide range of other health information on their website. The results were documented by many, many satisfied users.

The flagship product that Good Health Supplements sold for natural heart health was their remarkable GHS Ultra, a natural and very potent multi-vitamin / mineral that has proven exceptional for cleansing arteries of plaque.

But what makes GHS Ultra so important as a natural heart health support?

Results. The website used to feature amazing before and after thermal imaging of clogged arteries. These clearly showed a noticable reducition within six months. Another reason this supplement stood out is the proprietary manufacturing process. A synergy of nutritional elements that is precise and patented, at just the correct quantities to support a healthy heart, produces results that can be measured in as little as six months.

GHS Ultra appeared to naturally cleans out clogged arteries. Safely and effectively. I wish it were still available because in all the years I’ve had my wellness information online, no other product has been as popular.

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