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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Thank you for visiting the Healthy Choices Wellness Blog. I’m Neva Howell and most of the content you read here is my own. I want you to know I do NOT sell email lists or give out personal information to any outside source whatsoever.

I do post questions, annonymously, removing all names and private references, when people write to me. If that’s a problem, please don’t submit a question.

As I’m sure you have noticed during your visit here is that, in addition to the hundreds of spiritual and natural healing articles you’ll find here, you will also see some internet advertising. This is not new on the internet, of course.

Most webmasters such as myself who offer a lot of free information, a lot of which requires heavy research to pull together, utilize ads to help pay for the cost of maintaining an online presence. As do they, I use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit this health and wellness portal.

You will see related items and articles from media dot net and from google adsense as well as a small amount of recommended products where appropriate, from reputable companies with affiliate programs. If you click a link from my site and order a product, I get a small (in most cases, very small) referral percentage. I appreciate the business and thank you! I do not recommend products unless I think they are good.

If you would like more information about the google ads on the healthy choices wellness blog and to know your choices on the matter of web-related advertising and non-personal information gathering, click here.

As for products you may see recommended here at the wellness blog, they are all here because they contain ingredients or information I feel could be effective.
I don’t add referral links lightly – the natural remedies and supplements suggested here are formulas I either take myself or supplements I would take, were I facing a specific health challenge.

However, you should do your own homework when order health supplements online and determine which natural remedies would be best for your particular situation and needs.

Many of the natural formulas and supplement companies represented here have what are called affiliate programs for webmaster such as myself. If I refer someone to a health product I believe will be helpful to them and they choose to order that product, the company that offers the supplement will send an affiliate referral fee to me.

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