2 Replies to “Heart Palpitations at Night”

  1. After a weeklong diet of french toast spiced with a lot of cinnamon (powder labelled as Ceylon) I felt a large hand was squeezing my heart and had palpitations as well. I though I was going to have a heart attack at any moment…

    I stopped the cinnamon and I am back to normal.

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  2. Zazie: That’s really good information to have. I know I’ve read that cinnamon side effects and allergic reactions could be severe. In your case, it certainly seems so.

    I’m wondering if you cooked that french toast in a lot of butter or added a lot of butter? Over a week, a very high fat diet like that might be enough to cause some issues of it’s own if you had pre-existing arterial plaque. Be wise with your health and have your heart checked if this is true. Might have been more than cinnamon involved.

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