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  1. This is great! I read your post at the Matrix forum, and found this post via twitter. I’d love to read more of your experiences w/ME. I’m fascinated, and really looking forward to my first seminar.

    susan-denham dot com

  2. Susan:

    You will love the Matrix Energetics seminar. Which one will you be attending? I was really hoping I’d manifest the finances to go ahead and take the 1 and 2 plus practitioner training in December, in Seattle, to go ahead and get certified.

    I took the five-day intensive that covers levels 1-3.

    Richard Bartlett is a very unique individual. There were times when I wondered what the heck I was doing there and times when I marveled at the profound nature of what I was experiencing. It was a roller-coaster for me and it’s been a roller-coaster ever since. I don’t regret it though. Most fun I’ve had in decades and it got me back in touch with the true essence of being.

    Please come back and post after you do the training. Would love to hear about your experiences. Also, if you want to write an original article on your own work, I’d be happy to hyper-link your site as a resource for my readers.

  3. Neva, thanks for writing about using matrix energetics with Lux – I am just learning about ME and wondered if it could help animals. (I came across your article by Googling matrix energetics – animals).

    dianar at
    peak dot org

    newlifeemporium . com

  4. Diana, thanks for your comments. Yes, I believe Matrix Energetics may actually be more effective with children and animals because they don’t have our perceptual filters and heavy left-brain interference to the miracle mindset.

    I liked your website. I’d love it if you came back and posted an original article. I’d be delighted to promote your site in that case. To cut down on links that do not provide substantial health and wellness information or spiritual information for my readers, I normally do not allow clickable links otherwise. Some exceptions, of course, at my discretion.

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