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  1. Thanks for your ME posting. Yes, ME is so simple and we make it so hard! I too love ME and all the potentiality. Unlimited possibilities. I was hoping you would discuss more about your experience in NY with ME. Best wishes on your ME journey!

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  2. Colleen:

    I do plan to share a lot more about the NY experience with Matrix Energetics. I have only been back home for a couple of days and had a lot of work type stuff to get caught up on before I could put together any posts on the seminar.

    I will say it was a blessed, profoundly powerful time and anyone interested in shifting their healing facilitation service into quantum gear would do well to investigate doing a Matrix Energetics workshop.

    Besides that, it was just the most fun I’d had in years.

    And I’m so glad I took the extended class. The best stuff seemed to happen as time went on so the last day was the most powerful and they were all pretty powerful.

    Omega is a wonderful place on it’s own and that’s where the seminar was. Wonderful, alive food, a beautiful environment and a quiet peace pervaded.

    Look for more on M.E. for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share your own experiences with M.E.

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