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  1. Wow, this was powerful and enlightening for me to read! Thank you! I tracked you in this discussion and thought of my relationship with money! I will be making differences in my ‘tracking.’ Great post!

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  2. Colleen:

    That’s a brilliant idea, tracking while you read an article. Would really help discern if the message is for you or not. Thanks for that idea.

    Ah, yes, money. On the minds of most of us these days.

    Richard tracks out his seminars before they happen, and makes adjustments in any areas that look out of whack. I haven’t tried that yet because I really don’t do workshops right now.

    To track a workshop, Richard showed how he draws a diagram of the workshop place and then tracks the entire workshop, looking at areas where energy drops, where to have breaks, how to deal with disruptions, etc. He only demonstated his process once so I didn’t get all the details but that’s the coolest thing about Matrix Energetics. Once you get an idea, you can play with it and make it your own.

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