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  1. Nicole Kidman is not a Scientologist now. She had to become a Scientologist because of Tom of course, but she soon ditched the cult once she had also saved herself and ditched Tom.

    The number of non-Scientology big movie stars far outnumbers the film stars who are Scientologists. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are the only “A-list” Scientologist movie stars I can think of (and the rumour is that JT may have ditched the cult anyway). Just two out of many dozens of A-lister names. In fact, it could be argued that being a Scientologist lessens your chances of becoming a successful actor.

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  2. Mike: Thanks. I didn’t know Nicole had dropped scientology. I don’t believe Tom and John are the only A-list scientologists, just the only two that have been vocal and out front about it.

    However, thanks for weighing in on the post. I hope John Travolta has moved away from dianetics, as you said, because I never felt he fit that type of spiritual structure. Of course, I don’t know him. Just a sense I had of him that he wouldn’t be in a cult.

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