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Tapes and CD’s I Recommend for improving mind, body and Spirit; these have been potent spiritual development tools for me

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Spiritual Acceleration and Awakening Support Tools

This is my short list of a few self help and spiritual tapes and cd’s that I have used and with which I have experienced, personally, beneficial result. Are they right for you? I don’t know. No one spiritual or health tool is right for every person and no single tool is right all the time.

Some of these I used for a time and then put away or replaced with other tools; some I still use and get benefit from; some have given me all I can get from them so I no longer use them but still consider them of value on the path.

The Matrix Energetics Experience

I love, love, love Matrix Energetics. I’ve attended ME seminars with Richard Bartlett, Justice Bartlett, Melissa Joy and other ME practitioners and I always have a blast, as well as coming away expanded, exhilarated and more aware of the magic of life!

I can whole-heartedly recommend Richard Bartlett’s cd series called
The Matrix Energetics Experience. I own it and refer back to it whenever I feel I need a little consciousness jump start. It’s a lot of fun but that sense of rambunctious glee takes nothing from the profound nature of the recordings.

Learning Strategies CD’s
I have the entire 22 cd set that includes prosperity, personal magnetism, new option generator, new history generator, etc.

I have used Learning Strategies tapes and cds for many years. I think they are terrific to just have playing in the background on long trips or whenever I’m working at the computer, so that positive reinforcement is continually entertaining my conscious and unconscious mind. I don’t know if they still sell the 22 cd set like the one I have but they do still have a boxed set called Sonic Access that is really cool. I used to have it but somewhere along the way passed it on to someone else.

I find Paul Scheele’s voice to be soothing and enjoyable to listen to. For me, that’s very important or I’ll tune out.

Other programs I’ve used
Centerpointe is the brain child of a man named Bill Harris. I’ll tell you right of the bat that I do not consider this self-improvement tool appropriate for everyone or even for every situation.

There have been times that I have used the Centerpointe Meditation tapes and had profound experiences; there have been other times that they left me agitated and with a headache. I believe the difference was what I was going through at the time. The tapes are imbedded with a brainwave technology called Holosync and what they do is overload the brain in a way… forcing the brain to think in new ways.

For me, there are times when that is very beneficial and there are other times when it has proven counter-productive for me. I have to use discernment as to when I listen to the Centerpointe cd’s.

Having said that, I will also say that I consider this technology to be of definite use in expanding creative thinking, deepening meditative states and, in some instances, Spirit Journeying.

It’s one of the resources that I offer to those who come here for healing retreat weekends. Centerpointe is expensive so if you have a way of muscle-testing to see if you need it right now, that would be a good idea. I recommend Centerpointe and also recommend discernment and discriminate use.

Feldenkrais Movement Tapes
I remember checking out this set of audio tapes from the library, years ago in California. It was among the first of several times in my early awakening toward healing facilitation work that I realized how intimately the essence of who we are dances in the body and the cellular tissues.

Although I got the tapes to help with a chronically stiff neck, what I discovered was that the more I released my neck in this slow, gentle, focused way, the more aware of my energy I became and the more I became aware of myself as energy. Feldenkrais is a marvelous mind, body, Spirit tool.

Amazon has a really good set here: Tapping Into Your Natural Ability to Function; Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons, 5 Cd Set

Carlos Nakai and Peter Kater allowed the Divine Hand of God to guide them with this cd. The very first time I heard it, I fell down off my chair, on to my knees, put my head down on the floor in front of the tape player and stayed there til it ended.

It is a Shamanic, Spirit Journey Frequency that is waiting to take you through the journey of mankind if you allow it and are ready for it. I checked amazon for this and there was one used copy available so it may not be for sale any longer, which would be a shame. Hope you can find it.

I may add more to this list as time goes by….

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