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Previously posted Spirit-related Topics

Spiritual Acceleration and Balancing Tool – Ormus Oils contain precious metals such as silver or gold and are reported to assist in healing as well as spiritual awakening and acceleration. This covers the ingredients used in Ormus products and spiritual properties of Ormus Oil.
Struggling Within – A medicine dream about internal chaos and what the dream might mean as a spiritual message.
Am I bad because I think bad things? – How to understand why you may have bad thoughts and still be a good person. The role of our mind in our processing of feelings.
When other people interfere with your energy – Do you feel drained or negative around certain people? Are they manipulating your energy field? What can you do?
Strategies for coping with negative people – Learning to keep your center and path in the midst of those whose energy threatens to pull you off-center.
When God stops having a name – Broadening the concept of God beyond a certain diety or form … what does that do to my path and my faith?
Must we repeat unpleasant experiences – If we trust someone with our spiritual health and we feel it might have been a mistake, how do we know whether we are resisting their guidance or they really do not have anything we need to learn?
But I’ve got bills to pay – How to we follow spiritual guidance when it seems to be sending us in a direction that conflicts with obligations, responsibility or security?
May the Goddess Sweat? – When the Divine Feminine enters Lodge.
The matter of the body in turmoil – Spiritual acceleration effects on the density of the body can get intense. Feeling spiritual urgency in a physical way can be confusing unless you understand what is really happening.
My healing didn’t stick – Is a healing real if the condition returns? Why a condition might return after a healing session seems to have helped it dissolve.
Can intense feelings of sexual heat be spiritual? – Exploring the difference between being aroused and being in the grip of a kundalini awakening experience.

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