Bursitis Patches Results

Patches for Bursitis – Do They Work?
Bursitis Patches Review

Important: Please also read the comment left by a representative of the company that makes the patches I ordered. It is very informative.

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Bursitis Patches Review

Update 3/18/2012: Since originally writing this article on bursitis, I’ve come across another
Natural Bursitis Remedy. Have not tried it because, knock on wood, have not had a relapse but including here for info.

As I’ve been posting on the blog, I’m having a major problem with painful bursitis in my elbow. You might want to read the progression of posts to get the idea….

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I’ve tried every natural bursitis remedy I know about including MSM, turmeric, Salmon Oil and NSAIDS.

I also ordered some “bursitis patches” from Austrailia and, at long last, they finally arrived. I put one on last night and left it on about 12 hours. Results – None whatsoever.

I’m very disappointed but an wearing another again today. According to the instructions, I may have to use all 10 patches. If so, that’s another 10 days to deal with this…..not good.

So far, I can’t say I’m pleased with the patches but will report again in a few days time.